Happy Valentine’s Day to You and My Sexy Sweetie! #Valentine’s Day!

Today I got the most amazing Valentine’s Day gift since I have to unfortunately work tonight. The love of my life arranged for me to get this amazing Fruit Bouquet from edible arrangements before he got home and before I went to work since he knows I love them and he wanted me to get it before I saw him after work which is after 11pm!

He also included this message that honestly made me cry!

So I wanted to take a moment to say I love you to my sexy sweetheart. I love you for allowing me to be even more geekier than you and accepting me for who I am and my loud mouthed new yorker ways and for loving me for it. You’ve given me the family I’ve been searching for. You are my family, my home, my heart, and my love.

I love you more than words can describe and I know even through the ups and downs our love will always make it through.

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I hope you all have enjoyed my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and I hope you all have a very loving Valentine’s Day!