Happy Weekend, Acid Reflux & Halloween is coming!


Hey All!

It’s Friday aka FRIYAY and we’re so ready for the weekend. I’m cleaning out my closet and trying to resting up and trying to work on Halloween. I need to take it semi easy as I had to do this test where they test the levels of my stomach acid. I have major heart burn all the time, so my doctor wanted me to do an endoscopy and have this test done that tracks your stomach acid. They put a little chip on your esophagus and for 4 days you where a little electric box that records everything from the chip, then the chip just falls off. It’s crazy I know and I hate it! I feel like I’m a walking robot with this thing around my neck, but hey I’m being honest and sharing the dramas of having acid reflux and IBS. A lot were asking if I was ok, since I shared an instagram story from the hospital when the procedure was happening and I just wanted to make sure everyone knew the real deal. I so appreciate all the messages and love all the well wishes, since it shows you all really care and just how much you all are amazing! Love you all! Anyone else have these kinds of stomach or bowel issues? Acid reflux issues? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I know mine come from stress and trying to do it all. I just love what I do and love for everything to be perfect. Blogger problems. Anyway, enough on that! I’m also trying to start cleaning out my closet, which is crazy and out of control! I don’t know why I’m holding on to so many clothes I haven’t worn in years. I’m a clothes and shoe hoarder and I’m over it! I do have some amazing magical shoes though! Check out some of them above! I just love my shoes, but some have got to go!

I can’t wait to share my Halloween costumes this year. I may start it very early as I can’t wait to share! And I think that’s about it. Have a great weekend everyone!

Here are my fun finds from around the net and on this site that you may have missed:

The shoes above are from Loly in the sky/Modcloth (Yellow Hello Sunshine), Lolly Sprinkle Flats, Amazon (Unicorn Shoes, they are out of the white but they have PINK NOW!!!!), Asos (they don’t sell the pom poms anymore sadly), and Iron Fist/Modcloth (Care Bears)!

You need to throw yourself a foodie end of summer party! Just like I did HERE!

If you’re heading to NYC, You’ll want to print out this fun map and do an ice cream crawl around the city!

Are you like me and obsessed with the Netflix shoe Stranger Things? Well I’m hording stranger things pins like a maniac! Like this coffee and contemplation pin, this glow in the dark lights wall pin, or this Stranger Things Pin, or this Barb patch! So many things I want and need for Stranger Things! Can’t wait for season two!

S’mores French Toast to die for!

Yum, Breakfast Cereal Donuts!

Love love love this quote bubble cake!

Loving the Balloon table in this room! When I get my own studio, we’re doing it!

Make your own fun sprinkles!

These pajamas are so fetch!

Gotta get these fall pom pom shoes stat!

And that’s it folks!

See you next week!



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    STOMACH PROBLEMS ARE MY LIFE! Omg, the past 2 years have been nothing but them. After 24 years of being fine, a dormant sliding hiatal hernia as well as ulcerative colitis both started flaring at the same time and still haven’t stopped! I just had to do a capsule endoscopy a few weeks ago, so after wearing the transmitter/hard drive all day I *completely* relate to feeling like a robot! Hope your tests go well!