Happy Weekend Folks!

Hey All!

Happy Cinco De Mayo folks! Who’s ready for margaritas and the weekend? This girl right here is! I’m supposed to go see Joseph Gordon Levitt interview Al Gore tomorrow for the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth tomorrow. I’m hoping I can make it, but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and I’m not sure I can sit through a whole move and interview. Here’s hoping I can, since I LOVE both of those amazing men! Besides that, I’m taking it easy this weekend and working on a few posts. I’m also spending today calling congress about that crap health bill they are trying to pass, because it’s pretty ridiculous that something like pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. It’s an attack on women’s health 100% and I’m not down with that! So light up those phone lines folks if you want to hang on to what ever health car you have at the moment. All insurance, including the ones you get from your job will be affected, so it’s no joke people! Do something to make your voice heard! Call 844-633-2048 to tell your representative to vote no! I try not to be political here on the site, but this is just cray cray and I feel like more bloggers should use their platform to speak up and help! End rant and back to being Brite & Bubbly! Have a fab weekend everyone and here are my favorite links and finds from the week!

Make a taco pillow to celebrate Cinco De Mayo today!

Confetti Choco Tacos, yes please!!

Did you see the fun Mother’s Day gifts I made for my Mom?

And our interview with the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 2? It’s out today in theaters by the way and it’s a must see!

I’m obsessed with and saving every penny I have for this rainbow stripe bag!

In case you didn’t know that I was obsessed with rainbows, I need this rainbow striped shirt and dress too!

These Mother’s Day Macaron cards are the best! Too cute!

I need this donut balloon wall in my life ASAP!

Super cute DIY picnic plates!

I must have these foodie Kate Spade pajamas!!!

And these ombre rainbow pajamas too!

And that’s all folks! Have a happy weekend! See you next week with some fun tv show themed posts!



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