Happy Weekend & Stop Hating!

Hey All!

It’s been a crazy busy week and I’m so happy to take some time to relax a little this weekend, as I think I’m coming down with a sinus and ear infection. Ugh! We’re only heading to Impossible Burgerfest in LA this weekend, because sick or not, I’ll never turn down an invite for a free burger! Mmmm. Get in my belly! But seriously this infection needs to go away fast, since I have to get on a plane on Thursday! I also need to find myself some eclipse glasses so I don’t go blind! Way to wait to the last minute I know! This week was filled with so much learning and eye opening events. I got to go to an amazing event at Disneyland for Disney Social Media and it was incredible! I learned from Instagram and so many amazing women. It was so inspiring! I also loved that I got to be in the parks before anyone else. As you can see in the picture above, it was empty! I’m an annual pass holder to Disneyland and I love every time I get to feel the magic of the parks. Nothing is more magical than just taking it all in while you’re alone in the park. Besides the events I went to, it’s been a very sad week. I can’t figure out a better way to say it besides saying I got WOKE this week after seeing the insanity that went down in Charlottesville. I am 100% Latina and proud of it. I have family that looks 100% Latino, even though I have the privilege of looking Caucasian. I’ve dealt with racism in some form my whole life based on my last name simply being DIAZ! I’m sad to say I’m not shocked at all by the amount of racism in this country. I’ve seen it against my family for every time I saw my family called SPICS or the N word (because I have family that looks African American) or towards my grandmother who can’t speak English well, being told to speak English because this is America. It’s always been there like a thorn in our side that people try to ignore! I’m happy to see EVERYONE in the country is finally starting to wake up and are beginning to join together to fight hate. You can’t sit on the sidelines for this one. We need everyone of every race, color, or background to join together and say no to hate and to say not on my watch!

I try to keep this a political free zone and a place to escape all they crazy going on in this world, but when you see Natzis literally killing people in the USA, that is just NUTS and you have to use what ever platform you have to stand up against it and say this is wrong! If you are living under a rock and didn’t see the insanity that happened in Charlottesville, check out this video from VICE! It’s says it all and it should shake you to the core! So today, along with my fab finds of the week, I’m sharing some links on how you can help fight hate! Lets stop the hate togehter with love! Thanks for letting me voice this here and know that this will always be a space that LOVES and welcomes ALL PEOPLE! All are welcome on the #BubblySquad now and forever! #LOVETRUMPSHATE

Read this to see how you can help after Charlottesville!

Don’t know what to do if you see a hate crime at school? Read this for some tips!

My good friend Joy is talking about this week and how to teach kids about empathy! Check it out HERE!

How to teach your kids about Race and what’s going on in the world!

How to contact your senators in Washington, so you can voice your opinion on what needs to change in our country!

5 Organizations to Donate to or try to help with to fight Hate!

And now back to rainbows and unicorns…

I also shop when I’m stressed out and eat cake like Tiny Fay does! Did you see Tina Fay on Weekend Update? Love her so!

I just snagged my favorite pom pom shoes in Mint for only $28 on sale! I already have them in pink!

This rainbow card case is the cutest! Bought!

How to be Instagram Famous? Really?

My new luggage tag! Love the rainbow I’m off!

I’ve been drinking a lot or Rose’ lately and it’s now my true love! Love this pin!

Did you see our DIY Rainbow Sun Hat?

If you’re heading back to school, you need to check out our Must Haves and DIY Back to School Rice Krispies Treats!

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion and keep it real here in this space, because it just wrong to try to always focus on rainbows and unicorns and ignore all the insanity happening in the world! I have a platform and I’m going to use it to spread love and to try and do my little part to stop hate!

Have a great weekend!