Haribo Gold Gummi Bears and the Oscars! #Oscars #recipes

Hey All!

So for this years Oscars I decided to do something a little different with one of my favorite treats thanks to Haribo Gold Gummi Bears. I decided to make some gummi bear shooters. I made alcoholic and non alcoholic gummi bears this year. I basically soaked gummi bears in vodka for the adults and left some regular ones for the kids.

To make these all you do is Pour as much vodka as you want onto the gummi bears in a bowl.

You let the gummies soak and you cover them with a lid and put into the fridge to soak for about 2 days.

Then for the Oscar party I put them into shooter glasses.

And into a jar just in case anyone wanted more.

I also labeled the glasses to know which were alcoholic and which aren’t!

They tasted amazing as Haribo Gold Gummies do and they were a huge hit for the Oscar party! Remember to not drink and drive if you make these for your guests and remind your guests to not do so as well. Always have a designated driver!

You can take a shot at winning a FREE bag of any Haribo product with a purchase of equal or greater value and everybody will win something from the makers of the original tasty, fruity, chewy gummi bears!

So head over to spin the “Happy Whirl of Haribo” on the Haribo Facebook page to win a prize.

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received samples of these and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own and Haribo did not recommend or have anything to do with this recipe.***