Hasbro Toy Shop Has You Covered for the Holidays! #HolidayGiftGuide2011 #Gifts

Hey All!

The Santa elves are hard at work at Hasbro to bring you the most amazing toys for your kids this Holiday season. When you have a nerdy family like I do, Hasbro is the one company I always go to for my kids toys.  Yes my teen still loves toys and of course the 7 year old neice, and 2 year old nephew obviously love toys. I’ll admit I still buy my non-hubby and I still buy exclusive toys at Comic Con for ourselves. When I received this amazing huge box from Hasbro I knew I had to work fast to get all the gifts hidden so they wouldn’t see the gifts before Christmas. I was also as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning to see what was inside.

Inside I found that the amazing folks at Hasbro had sent sent me 3 Rubix Cubes, Bop It! XT, CHUTES & LADDERS: SESAME STREET EDITION, CLUE: WORLD OF HARRY POTTER EDITION, 2 Star Wars Clone Wars figures, 1 Star Wars Storm Tropper Helmet, 1 Star Wars The Vintage Collection Ponda Baba Figure, 2 Marvel Action Figures, 1 Thor Helmet, 1 Thor Hammer to share with you since these would make amazing gifts this Holiday Season!

I was so excited to see the Rubix Cube is back and better than ever. You can share the love you had for this toy as a child with your kids now! It only costs about $7.99 and is Recommended Age: 8 and up.

If you’ve never played this game, Players twist, turn and rotate the colored squares to match up the colors on all six sides. It’s not as easy as it sounds! There are billions of potential combinations, but only one solution! Earn your bragging rights by mastering this mind-bending puzzle. These would make a great stocking stuffer for any child, teen, or nostalgic adult this Holiday Season.

I know my kids are going to have an amazing time playing Bop IT! XT Christmas Morning!

This new verson adds three all-new commands, now challenging players to “Bop it,” “Pull it,” “Twist it,” “Flick It,” “Spin It” and “Shake It.” The additional commands challenge players to use increased skill and speed as they “Bop” their way to victory! You can Play Bop It! XT in party mode or solo and you can even plug in your headphones to keep the game all to yourself. This game normally retails at $24.99 and would make a fun new game for this Holiday season.

If your kids love Seasame Street like my Nephew does then CHUTES & LADDERS: SESAME STREET EDITION would be the perfect gift for you!

It’s a race to the top with Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo and Zoe. Race up the ladders and chute down the slides while trying to be the first player to reach the top spot on the game board. This game is adorable and would be so great for any kid ages 3 and up. My nephew is almost 3 so it will be great for him! He loves Elmo! This game retails for $11.99. All these gifts are reasonably cheap and would make great gifts for the Holidays!

And CLUE: WORLD OF HARRY POTTER EDITION would make a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan this Holiday Season. I know my family have mini Harry Potter Parties whenever a new movie came out or a dvd was released.

Aspiring wizards can re-create the world of Hogwarts and master magic in their living rooms with CLUE: World of Harry Potter Edition. A fellow student has vanished, and it’s your job to find out who did it, what spell or item they used and where the attack occurred. Was it Fenrir Greyback with a cursed necklace in the Forbidden Forest? Or was it Peter Pettigrew with the Bewitched Broomstick in Malfoy’s Manor? Save the day and solve the mystery while reliving the fun of the movie.

My teen will go nuts for this when he opens it! It will also make such a fun gift this Holiday season. We have a family game night so this game will be so much fun for the whole family.

Now if your family is a bunch of Star Wars Geeks like mine is you’ll definitely want to get some of these amazing STAR WARS 3.75” ACTION FIGURES!

Hasbro is once again taking STAR WARS fans back to “a long time ago” with STAR WARS 3.75” ACTION FIGURES. The selection includes all-time favorite characters from throughout the six-film saga, as well as the wildly popular animated series on the Cartoon Network, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. Each of the figures in these assortments will feature the exceptionally accurate design and superb articulation customary to Hasbro’s action figures and are a great way for kids to re-create their favorite scenes from the movies and television show.

These figures are amazing! I got an Anakin  Skywalker aka Darth Vader figure and Aurra Sing Figure from the Clone wars line.

These figures are sure to make the kids battle on Christmas morning since I know they will all want to keep them.

My personal favorite has to be the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Ponda Baba Figure we got since these remind me of the ones I had as a kid and also I love to collect vintage action figures while at Comic Con.

This collection brings to life the incredible story of good versus evil that captured our imagination and took us to a galaxy far, far away. Iconic Star Wars heroes and villains are captured with incredible detail and premium features to commemorate each epic tale in the Star Wars saga. May the Force be with you!

Re-enact your favorite Star Wars battles or make up brand-new ones with this detailed Vintage Collection figure! Change his arms with the included arm accessories. Arm him with his blaster or stand him up in your collection! All these STAR WARS Figures retail for about $7.99!

Or if your kid would like to be a Storm Tropper be sure to get him a STAR WARS ELECTRONIC HELMET!

These amazing new ELECTRONIC HELMETS will let kids feel as though they are ready to “rule the galaxy” as they strap on the helmet and take on the persona of their favorite STAR WARS characters, including DARTH VADER, GENERAL GRIEVOUS or a CLONE TROOPER. Each helmet includes signature sounds and phrases that add fun to the adventure and the play experience. We got the Storm Tropper helmet and it’s really freaken cool!

Here is a little video I made so you can see just how amazing it is!

The kids are going to have blast putting this on and pretending they are Storm Troopers. Any kid would love if Santa Dropped this under their tree I promise you. Especially if they love Star Wars. Hasbro has been making amazing Star Wars toys for years so you can always count on them for AMAZING Star Wars toys every Christmas!

Hasbro didn’t give me these to feature but I had to tell you anyways about these amazing all-new ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABER’S!

I got one of each model ANAKIN SKYWALKER and DARTH VADER and are already wrapped so they won’t know what they are as you can see above. These lightsabers are fantastic! They provide the most authentic JEDI experience for kids ever! The toy features a progressive light-up blade with vibrant LED lighting, allowing kids to experience the FORCE in a whole new way. Here is what they look like below so you get an idea about how much your kids will love these for Christmas.

My teen and niece are going to battle it up with these I’m sure on Christmas morning!

And last but not least on my amazing list of Hasbro gifts that would be perfect for the Holidays are these amazing Marvel toys. If your family is like mine and counting down the days until the Avengers movie you’ll want to have everyone set and ready with their Avengers gear like this amazing Thor Helmet and Thor Hammer!

Helping to complete the THOR role-play experience is Hasbro’s THOR HELMET. Styled after the Asgardian’s iconic wing-tipped helmet, the role-play toy lets kids pretend to be the mighty hero.

The helmet has a very thick strap that expands to fit your childs head and it will be very secure on your child’s head ad they pretend to be Thor and wield his Hammer! Which I tell you this Hammer is pretty Awesome.

Here is some video of the Hammer in action so you can get a sense of how awesome it is and also this Hammer as well as the Storm Trooper helmet come with batteries already inside which make them even more awesome since they are ready to play with as soon as your kids get their hands on them. I digress…

How cool is this Hammer! It only costs about $19.99 and I’m sure even my teen is going to want to have this when we go see the Avengers in theaters this May. It would make a great gift to get your kids ready for May!

I’m sure my kids as well as your will also flip out for this amazing IRON MAN 3.75” Action Figure as well Magneto action Figure.

Magneto is not part of the Avengers, he’s an X-men character but he’s still an amazing Action figure to get. The amount of detail that Hasbro puts into these figures is amazing. I love the removable helmets, but you have to watch out they don’t get lost.

Any of these amazing toys will surely make any kid leap with joy come Christmas Morning if they found that Santa or whatever you celebrate brought these for them this Holiday Season. I know my kids will and I’m sure yours will too! I love Hasbro for the Holidays and you will too! I promise!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received toys to feature and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***