Have You Heard About The Seahorse App?


Hey All!

Have you heard of the Seahorse App for your iPhone or Android? I recently downloaded it for my iPhone as I’m addicted to apps that allow me to do creative things with my photography. If you’re having trouble finding it to download. You can also find it in your phone’s app store by searching for “Seahorse.” Seahorse is a new app for documenting scenes from your life in which you can share with friends and family. From your greatest adventures to celebrations and milestones, all photos and videos shared to Seahorse scenes become complete memories that can be enjoyed and shared. Seahorse removes the importance of who took photos from vacations, family holidays, parties and other shared experiences and places the focus on the experience itself. Friends and Family can add to the experience by adding photos and videos that automatically belong to everyone invited to a scene.

It’s a beautifully designed easy to use app that also allows you to organize and sort your photos by date, location, friends and scenes. What’s even better is that is connects to your social media accounts. You can import your photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr and Google/Picasa. Seahorse also stores everything in its original resolution, so the photos don’t look blurry as they can do when you download them to some social media sites.

Here’s how to use the app:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up by tapping “Sign Up” on the bottom right corner. You may sign up by connecting with Facebook or Google, or via email. If you are signing up via email, you will receive an email with an activation link you will need to click on prior to using the app.


After signing up, follow these steps to create a scene and share with your friends.


Tap the camera icon on the top right corner Tap “New Scene” to create a scene.


Enter a title in the “Title” field. Invite at least two of your friends by tapping “Add Friends” and tapping their contact information Tap “Create” to make your scene.


Your friends will receive an invite via email about downloading the app if they don’t have it already.


Tap the camera icon on the bottom right to upload photos to your scene, and then your friends upload some pictures as well. That’s it! Super simple I know. It allows you to connect and share your photos with friends and family in a whole new and unique way. I chose to make my scene about enjoying life together as Man and Wife with my husband as we just got married in May. The family on the East Coast has been dying to see photos from the wedding and what better way to share this amazing event than with the Seahorse App.

One of my favorite features is  the “Discover” tab as it allows you to see where you and all your friends and family are in the country. It also allows you to do a Flashback with your pictures to remember your life in different ways and you can use Magic by shaking your phone and random images pop up from across scenes to discover a forgotten moment, milestone or celebration.


Overall I really enjoy the Seahorse app. It allows me to share our photos and memories with friends and family on the East Coast in a much easier and creative manner.

Seahorse is offering an extra 5GB of storage by entering the promo code: CLEVERHORSE. This promo code is good until October 31, 2014, and each user can only use it once. To redeem:

  • Tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings
  • Tap “Redeem”
  • Tap “Write code” and enter CLEVERHORSE
  • Tap “Go” on your keyboard

If you’re looking for a fun app to share and organize your photos in, I highly recommend you check out the Seahorse App.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  • threedifferentdirections.com" target="_blank">Tammy Litke (@threedifferent)

    That’s a pretty cool app – my siblings and I could use it to put something together from the photos we took at our parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. (and oh my gosh on your mail count 😉 !)

  • I love that friends and family can see everything that you post. Mine live far away and we stay updated with photos.

  • blogbydonna.com" target="_blank">Donna

    I have so many photos it’s crazy, so I will definitely check out this app!

  • I’m so grateful for social media keeping my family connected. I share photos of my kids so that my relatives out of state can watch them grow. However, Seahorse sounds like a fun & unique to stay connected and allow your family & friends in on the fun also. I’ll have to check it out.