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Hey All!

When I was younger I know my mother and I wished we had a Doctor or Nurse we could call in the middle of the night for help when my teen was sick. Insurances didn’t offer those services and the internet wasn’t my first thought to search back then. I recently learned about the site Bundoo.com and I so wish this site would have been around when I was young. It’s an amazing online community that provides a friendly, positive space where parents can benefit from the support of other parents and gain access to experts in childcare, child development, and pediatrics. Their motto is “Smart Parenting Starts Here” and after surfing the site for a few days, it truly does make you feel like a smart parent for visiting the site. It’s amazing to have some place that you can go to that you can trust to find the right information you need. It’s an essential site if you’re a new parent. Taking to the Internet can be very stressful for new parents. Often times you’ll get so many different answers, it’s hard to know what to trust and what is truly the right answer.


Bundoo.com isn’t just another health website. Again this is a community of parents, doctors, and healthcare professionals who are coming together to talk about the issues, learn from each other, and support each other. They have come together to bring parents every where information they can trust and learn from. Bundoo members can create their own groups or join other groups that interest them in order to gather and share parenting tips in a dynamic and interactive way. Groups can be public or private, so it gives you the options you can be comfortable with. Bundoo also offers original, high-quality content created specifically so parents can get the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bundoo.com is also very easy to navigate. You can even save articles to come back to later. It’s perfect for the parent with a busy lifestyle like me. I work during the day, take care of the house and family, then blog by night. I have an incredibly busy lifestyle and this site fits perfectly into that lifestyle. If one of the kids has something wrong, I can take to this site and get some answers.


Creating a profile and entering information about your family will allow Bundoo.com to serve you information that is most relevant based on the age of your children, your interests, etc.

Another feature they have is the Bundoo Marketplace which offers specially selected products that support and help guide parents to make smart purchasing decisions for their families. Bundoo experts offer tips and/or reviews of selected products. The site truly covers a variety of topics for parents to grow and learn from.

One of my most favorite features about Bundoo is the Bundoo A-Z articles. These are articles that are reviewed and written by pediatricians and child development specialist in an easy-to-understand and straightforward style that is free from any confusing medical jargon. The truly help when you have those questions like “When is a baby’s fever high enough for me to call the doctor?.” I love having this site around as it’s great tool to have when you have kids who get sick easily like I do.

Another thing I love about Bundoo is the Ask Bundoo feature. This feature of the site actually connects parents directly to REAL pediatricians and other childcare experts to answer your questions privately. It’s essentially almost like being able to have a doctor on call when ever you have a question. They get back to you very quickly and it is a great way for parents to get peace of mind by asking questions that don’t deserve a co-pay. It’s such an asset to this site and it’s honestly one of the best features of Bundoo.com.

Ask Bundoo is available by subscription for a reasonable monthly fee, but is free while Bundoo is in beta. All content on Bundoo.com is always free. If you do register you can do more, but even if you don’t register users can access all content without registering. You just can’t participate in groups or comment on articles on Bundoo until you register.

If your a new parent or an experienced parent I highly recommend you check out Bundoo.com. I thinks it’s an asset for parents every where! Any parent can benefit from visiting Bundoo.com.


Also Bundoo is running a contest from through 9/30/13 for a $500 Amazon gift card! You can enter HERE!

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