Having A Blast With Hasbro Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys!


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About a month ago, we were lucky enough to get a secret package from the amazing folks at Hasbro asking us to choose if we’re going to join the lightside or the darkside. I can’t tell you how excited we were. I’m a person who slept on the street for 2 days just to see the Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic Con and Disney D23 this year. That’s how big of a Star Wars fan I am. We chose the lightside of course, because they have two words…R2-D2 and Ewoks! My two favorite things in the Star Wars universe. Don’t judge me because I love Ewoks. They are small but mighty and awesome. They will take you down! You don’t mess with Ewoks! R2-D2 on the other hand, has saved everyone in the Star Wars universe, I think at least once, and he never gets any credit for it. That’s why I love him with a passion. The majority of my Star Wars collection is of R2-D2. I digress…


When we chose #chooselightside, we were then sent this incredible box of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys! It was like Santa showed up early when this box arrived. Some tears were shed, I kid you not. You all know, I collect Star Wars toys and so do the kidlets. Whenever I get any new toys, I usually get two of them. One to keep in the box and one for the kidlets to play with. That’s how I keep my Star Wars collection mint! Mint I say! There is nothing like Star Wars that brings the kid out in all of us in our home.

Hasbro-Star Wars-The Force Awakens Toys

These toys that came, on the other hand, are all too much fun to play with. There is no way I could keep them in the box. They deserved to be played with and we opened them as soon as we saw them.


I got an awesome Star Wars The Black Series 6 Inch Finn (Jakku) as part of this shipment. That’s the action figure in the box in the bottom picture on the left. I got one on Force Friday (aka Star Wars Black Friday) and I unfortunately could only score one. It was crazy that day, so I was OK with the family opening up this extra one for the kidlets to enjoy.

Black Series Action Figure

This is a beautifully crafted 6-inch-scale Finn (Jakku) action figure. It is carefully detailed to look just like the new heroic character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I had the pleasure of meeting the actor who plays this character at Disney D23 and he really does as you can see in the close up picture of the figure above. This figure is crafted to display true-to-story detail and comes with an accurately decorated accessories. These figures are for ages 4 and up. If you get this figure, I say buy two as they are awesome figures you do want to keep mint condition.

Black Series Titanium Series Millenium Falcon

The one toy I kept for myself, from the entire lot we received, is this little Black Series Titatium Series Millennium Falcon. It’s staying in the box, since it’s mine and he’s too cute for the kids to break! The vehicles in the Titanium series set the standard for quality and realism that Star Wars fans expect.  This Millennium Falcon vehicle is crafted to show true-to-story detail, and it comes with a display stand that features a simulated hovering effect. It’s the perfect Star Wars toy collection piece. No collection, or adventure, is complete without this Black Series Millennium Falcon Titanium vehicle.

Chewbacca-Talking Mask

The Chewbacca Electronic Mask and Bowcaster toys we received were a hit with the kidlets. Most kids love those role play toys. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you love to dress up like Chewbacca. Check out this video below to see the Chewbacca Electronic Mask, Bowcaster, and a special lightsaber in action. You can also see a Chewbacca happy dance to Bill Murray singing his Star Wars song as well. That’s what happens when we get new Star Wars toys. Happy dances galore!

This Star Wars Chewbacca Electronic Mask and Bowcaster are awesome role playing toys. The mask has adjustable straps and makes Chewbacca noises when your child opens their mouth. The Nerf Bowcaster is easy to set up and it shoots really far. You definitely want to make sure they are playing outside as the foam projectiles from the Bowcaster can knock something over. You kids will become Chewie with these toys. And with the Chewbacca Electronic Mask and Bowcaster, the wookiee always wins! These are for ages 4 and up.

These Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber Bladebuilders are also super awesome. With this fun collection of toys, you can build any lightsaber your mind dreams up!

Star Wars-Bladebuilders-Lightsabers

The definitive lightsaber of the Bladebuilders system provides kids with the unique components needed to create 100+ combinations from their imagination. The Jedi Master Lightsaber comes with a main Lightsaber featuring lights and sounds, two independently-lit lightdaggers, expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, dual connector, and cross connector. Combine with other Lightsabers in the BladeBuilders system (each sold separately) and imagine the thrill of battle with a custom Lightsaber!
It’s for ages 4 and up and batteries are required for the Lightsabers featuring the lights and sounds.


This is the MEGA Lightsaber we made. That’s what we’ve named it. It lights up and it’s sure to beat any Sith Lord no problem.

Star Wars Bladebuilders-Lightsabers

Those are all the toys the kind folks at Hasbro we’re kind enough to send me this time around. We just got another surprise box in the mail and we can’t wait to see what’s inside.

I did want to share two more amazing Hasbro Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys we bought ourselves on Force Friday, that just arrived in the mail recently. We’re so excited about them, we just had to share them as well. We spent a ton of money on Force Friday in case you can’t tell.

Hasbro-Star-Wars-The Force Awakens Figures-2

We got this Target Exclusive 12-inch-scale Star Wars: The Force Awakens Action Figure set. I think it’s sold out and it is beyond awesome. The figures are so detailed and they look amazing. This one is staying in the box!

Hasbro-Star-Wars-The Force Awakens Figures-1

And last but not least is the crown jewel of our new Star Wars toys. It’s the Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber. We paid like $300 for this bad boy.

Kylo-Ren-Force-FX-Black Series-Lightsaber

Just look at the box and you can see why it’s worth the money!

Kylo Ren-Force-FX-Black Series-Lightsaber

This is one of the nicest lightsabers we’ve ever owned. It’s very heavy and extremely well made.

Kylo-Ren-Force-FX-Black Series-Lightsaber Handle

The detail on the handle alone are incredible and it lights up and makes lightsaber noises as well.

Kylo Ren Force FX-Black Series-Lightsaber

If you watched the video in this post you saw it in action and just how amazing it is. It’s the bomb folks.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy action as we share what came in our most recent surprise box from Hasbro. I love Hasbro with a passion for this amazing opportunity!

Also did you guys see all these amazing new posters for the movie? I always shed a tear when I see Han Solo and Princess Leia.


Counting down the days until this movie! You can check out a trailer below as well:



We’ll be playing with our Hasbro toys and counting down until STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrives in theaters everywhere on December 18th! And in case you didn’t see them on the chalk board, those are our Star Wars Marathon movie tickets. We’ll be seeing all the films and the marathon will end with the Force Awakens!



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    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but have a couple nephews that would love some of these toys for Christmas. I do like the Target Exclusive 12-inch-scale Star Wars: The Force Awakens Action Figure set. I really like Chewbaca, just because he’s cool looking and makes guttural sounds.