Having a Family Fun Movie Night! #Cbias #Family #Target

Hey All!

My family and I love movies. Being that me and my fiance made movies at one point in our lives and I went to film school at NYU, there is of course going to be a strong love of movies in our household. We love going to the movies and we love buying movies to have a family movie night at home. We also love when the movies we buy come with digital downloads so we can take the movies downloaded to our ipad on the road with us or on trip to New York since watching movies is a great way to pass the time for us. It’s how we entertain the kids in the car too. Nothing gets a kids attention when a movie is playing on an ipad.

I usually buy a movie every other Tuesday since that’s when new movies come out on DVD or BluRay! I’m always on the look out for coupons that will help us save on those movies we would love to add to our collection. One movie I’ve always been on a look out for has been the Home Alone series. I saw it was on sale at Target in a pack with all four movies and I thought this would be a great movie for our family movie night today. I was on a mission for Home Alone and I was given the opportunity to finally go and shop for it and to share my family movie night shopping experience with you by Collective bias!

If you click on the image above you will be able to see pics in a Google Plus Slide Show of my entire shopping experience at Target for my family movie night. My camera wasn’t working right so pardon if the pics are blurry.

I went off to Target by myself since no one wants to come near me in my house since I’m sick and when I got to Target I saw so many amazing gifts and decorations for the holidays. I love stores during the Holidays. While I was there I found great decorations like this amazing R2 D2 ornament I just had to get. It was too amazing. I digress…

I was on a mission for a movie pack of Home Alone Movies, Pizza, Mucinex, and Pj’s for our family movie night. I manged to snag all that and head home quickly. I stopped in the movie section to get the movie pack of all the Home alone movies when I found this display of multi movie pack movies. I love the multi movie packs that they sell at Target. You can get like four movies of a franchise of movies you love like all the Matrix Movies or Ms. Congeniality with Sandy Bullock for only ten bucks. They are a great deal and I highly recommend these multi movie and family movie packs. They really are a bargain.

Like why pay ten dollars for one movie when you can get four movies for like ten dollars. The Home Alone was a four pack four disc set only cost me $25, which is still a bargain for me since the first Home Alone movie costs ten dollars by itself.

I snagged my movies and headed for the check out.

Then I headed home to get our family movie night going. I got home to the teen already waiting for the movie to start and the dog waiting too.

We have movie nights together at least twice a week as a way to spend time with each other and catch up with what’s gone on during the week. It’s also a great way to enjoy time together as a family. At least that’s what my family likes to do. We watch movies at home or we go to the movies. That’s how we like to spend most of our average free time.

Do you have a family movie night with your family?

***Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias all opinions are my own***