Heading On A LucasFilm, Disney/Pixar & Touchstone Pictures Adventure! #StrangeMagicEvent #PixarInsideOut


Hey All!

Ok you all know I’m a Star Wars Nerd right? I had Storm Troopers at my wedding for god sakes!


The case that held our wedding rings for the ceremony was an R2-D2.


I dress my dogs up like Star Wars Characters…


I own a Life Sized R2-D2! I dress from head to toe in Star Wars gear. Hello Star Wars Toms!

Star Wars Toms

I take selfies with Star Wars characters any chance I get!


I digress…

The reason I’m sharing all of this is I’m finally going to live out my dream in San Francisco from Monday, January 12th – Tuesday, January 13th as I’m heading to Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm to tour the grounds and check out their new film that they have coming out with Touchstone Pictures called STRANGE MAGIC (opening in theatres on 1/23). I’m heading to the Star Wars mother ship folks and I cried when the amazing folks at Disney invited me to attend. I’ve been pretty much waiting for this moment my whole life!!! I may or may not dress up as an Ewok when I go and god forbid I see George Lucas when I’m taking a tour of the grounds. I will scream “It’s the Maker!” and probably scare him away as he rides off on a ton ton.


While there I’ll also interview Director and 7 time Academy Award® winner Gary Rydstrom and Elijah Kelley (“Hairspray,” “Red Tails,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) who voices Sunny in the film! But again if it hasn’t sunk in just yet I’m going to Skywalker Ranch ya’ll! I could seriously die geeking out when I step foot on those grounds. But hey who wouldn’t want to go out that way.


And if that wasn’t enough I’ll also be dropping by Pixar for an INSIDE OUT (opening in theatres on 6/19) presentation and a screening of the short film LAVA which I’ve seen and love!

It’s going to be an amazing day to say the least. Dreams do come true folks.

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Check out the trailers for Strange Magic and Inside Out Below.


I will be provided travel accommodations by Disney for this trip. All opinions are my own.