Hey Girl Hey! Feeling Good!

Hey All!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry it’s been some time since I did a “Hey Girl Hey” post! It’s been non-stop these past few weeks and I literally have not had a chance to just sit down and do one. I was away at the Mom 2.0 conference and then got back to have to jump full gear into baby room design. I can’t wait to share this room with you! Today I figured I would talk about my experience at Mom 2.0, since I had an awesome time. It was so good to get away, even if it was only to Pasadena, and spend time with women who are supportive, encouraging, and who don’t make me feel like I’m in the movie Mean Girls. It was nice to not see any of the Los Angeles Plastics aka clique of bloggers at this event.

It’s amazing how much the people who are around you can change your entire mood and outlook on not only life but your business. I was surrounded by friends and people who truly were happy to spend time with me and to connect with me. There was none of this fake hi, don’t really want to talk to you, stuff going on. It made the conference so much fun. I honestly have not had fun at a conference like this in a LONG time. I loved the location, the food, the room, the people, the brands and sponsors and the conference itself. I’m so happy I went. I was in a slump and so frustrated with blogging and the constant fake nastiness of the cliques of bloggers or influencers here in Los Angeles. I needed something to pull me out of that black hole and this conference did it. I left that conference feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and feeling good about myself and proud of myself for the decade of work I’ve put into this blog and my business. I spent the week free of instagram insanity and didn’t even care if I didn’t post the whole week. I now honestly don’t stress it any more. I’m just focusing on doing my own thing, surrounding myself with people who aren’t fake and who are supportive, and worrying about my new baby who will be here in a few months.

This conference just made me remind myself to stop caring what other people think and are doing and to do my own thing and do what ever I want regardless if someone else may copy or do the same thing I’m doing. Everything has been done in some way or another and I have to just focus on myself and what makes me happy. Hopefully it will make you all happy too!

It’s been a week already since I went to Mom 2.0 and I miss all my friends already. That’s the only thing I’m sad about. They live in Utah and in various parts of the country, so we barely get to see one another in real life, but we always stay in touch. I wish more of the people I love in this blogging world lived in Los Angeles. I have a few close friends here in LA who I went to college and a few social media blogging friends too, but it’s a very small amount. I’m one of those people that loves having A LOT of friends and get togethers. Every since we moved to LA over 12 years ago, that all stopped because some of my friends moved out of LA and the blogging cliques here are impossible to make friends with. It’s been the hardest thing to deal with and it’s made me want to move out of LA so badly. With the baby on the way, we haven’t had a chance to save for a move or research for where we would like to move. I’m hoping to leave LA in the next few years, because I’d rather move while the kids are still young. I digress…

But to make a long story short, I still feel good and I’m still on that inspiring high that I left Mom 2.0 with. I feel inspired and have a new lease on blogging life. I’ve made new plans for my site and business and can’t wait to take you on this journey with me! Thanks again for reading this long post!

Love you all!