Hey Girl Hey! Next Week Is Going To Be A Load Off!

Hey Girl Hey!

It’s been a crazy start to 2018. I’ve been in and out of the doctor and I shared a little about it on my Instagram Stories, when I got that $30,000 in medical bills just for some blood tests. I died and came back to life after that one. I thank god we already started to get that bill taken care of. I can’t wait to share next week what is going on, because I’m soooooo tired of keeping it a secret. It’s going to be a major load off because it’s going to be a topic I talk about the good, the bad and the ugly about. I’m sure some of you can probably guess what I’m announcing next week, but there are going to be two big announcements, so be sure to be on the look out.

Today, I want to talk about keeping my sanity during this crazy health managing time by limiting the amount of time I spend online. I came to this determination when I realized how much social media stresses me out as opposed to makes me happy. I especially realized this after multiple people asked me in length about some of the topics of my previous HEY GIRL HEY posts in regards to who I was speaking about in each. I was happy to talk to people in private about it who I trusted and needless to say, there is nothing worse than spending hours talking to people and sometimes talking to one person for an hour, for them to act horrified and say that’s so scary and I’m so glad I know now and I’m going to stay clear of all those people and conferences, only to see them a few hours later or a day later giving those same people and conferences compliments and sucking up to someone they now know is either mean or a complete psycho. I just can’t any more.

It’s beyond annoying to see people who know the truth about someone completely over looking everything you told them. Social media has literally become a platform of people who could care less if someone murdered someone as long as they have cute photos and a lot of followers. They don’t even care if those followers are bought most of the time! Honestly a lot of this has to do with their desperate hope these people will befriend them, tag them and cross promote them on instagram and help them grow their instagram some how. I had one person tell me that’s so shocking. That person was always so nice to me when I met her. Like they are going to be their normal insane or nasty selves in public when they’re at an event. Especially if it’s an event they are hosting. They are going to stay on brand because they want you to keep buying their products and following them! Why is this so hard to comprehend people?

I’m thankful everyone I meet in person says I’m exactly how I am online in person. What you read and see is what you get! I just can’t be fake with people! It’s the New Yorker in me.

So with that all said, so cutting back on who I talk to online and what I see is helping me keep my sanity! I need it since it’s going to be one crazy year!

I’m thankful to have this space to vent it all out and to keep it real with you guys every Wednesday. Since my doctor said I’m supposed to be focusing on me and staying happy and healthy, that’s what my main focus is on and I already find myself already feeling a lot more happier. I highly recommend you try to curb your online addiction too and start actually living your life off line. You’ll be a lot happier too!