Hey Girl Hey! Posting Stress!

Hey Girl Hey!

So I’ve spoken about my struggle with this before, but I’m sad to report I’m still struggling with it. I’m talking about the struggle to feel the need to rush to get your content or photo up first before anyone else and the constant fear someone may do your idea before you. I can’t tell you how much I feel like one blogger has hacked into my computer and is stalking me. I literally went and shot this campaign for a clothing brand I’m working with at this colorful wall in North Hollywood. No one was around that I could see, just some people walking dogs since it was early in the morning. I shot there and in multiple locations. Needless to say, I have my post for the photos going up tomorrow, but a day after I shot my pictures, this blogger posted a picture of herself in front of the same wall. THE SAME WALL. Of all the walls in LA she could post about, she had to pick the exact same wall and do almost the exact same pose as me.

It’s at the point that I wonder if she saw me at the wall and run over and take this pic on purpose to troll me, just so if I post my picture it looks like I’m copying her instead of the other way around. I don’t give a crap if that’s what she did, I’m still posting my photos since I worked hard on them. I was changing in my car in public to get these shots. It’s not an easy thing for a pregnant woman to be doing! I would hope someone wouldn’t be so petty, but this person is beyond petty in real life and has a ton of followers on Instagram. Everyone will automatically assume she was copied since everyone seems to believe anything anyone says if they have a lot of followers. Like I always say, they can get away with murder.

She also has complained in the past about people copying her to her followers, so she’s trained them to believe that everyone is. It doesn’t matter that I have been around at least 5 years longer than this blogger and in Los Angeles for longer. It’s enough to drive any sane person crazy! You start to think how is this possible. Why is it I can spend hours on a shoot and DIY and if I don’t get it up immediately this person literally will post the same post before me and even style it the same. I’m honestly looking into leaving LA since it’s become that big of a problem and I’m so sick of every where I go this person is literally there 2 days later. I’m also honestly looking and seeing if my computer is hacked in some way since this person employees tons of people, some of which who spy on my social channels and I have to constantly block. I tell you it’s stress that I don’t need while pregnant and something no one should have to deal with.

I’ve been desperately trying to take my friends advice and just do what I want and not worry about it and just keep blocking and don’t worry if someone does something similar to me, but as someone who is a stickler for trying to be different and original, it’s hard to not worry about it. I don’t want to be called a copy cat even if I did something first. It’s just beyond annoying to see someone do something you just spent days working on and post it before you. I can’t tell you how many ideas and posts have been scrapped because of this!

It’s a day to day struggle and I’m trying to focus on my baby and my work and planning a baby shower and decorating a baby room. I’m sick of not doing what I want or have been planning to do for sometimes years, like my baby room theme because someone else did something before I could. I have a lot on my plate and I honestly don’t need to be worrying myself over this kind of petty stuff. It’s just another drama that comes with blogger world and trying to run your own business.

If you’re a blogger or content creator or influencer, how do you deal with getting over this stress and problem?



  • heckofabunch.com" target="_blank">Terra Heck

    Can’t say I’ve had that problem!
    I’ve never been to LA but I hear it’s a pretty big city. Does this person live fairly close to you?
    Seems hooky that they’re always copying stuff that you’re doing.