Hey Girl Hey! Sick and Pregnant!

Hey Girl Hey!

So sorry it’s been a bit since I posted a “Hey Girl Hey” post here on the blog. I caught a cold or what ever is apparently going around 2-3 weeks ago and have just only just begun to recover. You can imagine it’s rough to get sick when you’re pregnant and run your own business! I’m already moving slower than I normally do and have low energy! I also don’t have anyone to cover for me when I’m sick, so it’s a double whammy to get sick with my job.

I would have been recovered by now, but the sickness then turned into a sinus infection, which was super gross! I had to finally give in and go to the doctor who gave me antibiotics. I had to have the antibiotics approved by my obgyn before I could even take them because apparently everything can affect the baby! That’s another horrible thing when you get sick while your pregnant. You can barely take anything or drink anything you normally would drink. You can just take some cold and flu meds that you would normally take. You basically have to suffer through it almost drug free. You also can’t drink teas!  I didn’t realize how much you couldn’t take, eat or drink when you get pregnant. It’s been rough and I’m so thankful to now be starting to finally feel better.

I tried to stay in bed for as long as I could, but again no one to cover for me and I literally had to get up to do work and go out to events with tissue box in tow and trying not to gross everyone out. I went out to the Ready Player One challenge and a Denny’s/Star Wars event still sick and thankfully you couldn’t tell too much while I was there and in the pics. I just sound very congested.

That’s ALOT of make up covering my bright red nose folks! I go through like a tissue box in 2 days.

Doing my best to be my happy living my best life self for the brands even when I’m sick. Thank goodness I didn’t get anyone else in our house sick!

It just shows how you would never know I’m sick seeing these pics on instagram. I went to this event and an event for Denny’s and Star Wars because I didn’t want to miss out on some amazing opportunities for the blog and even though I was struggling to get through the events, I still had some kind of fun. It was nice to get some fresh air. It does help with the sinus infection. I’m not contagious at this point, which is another reason I agreed to go to the events as well. I just gotta get rid of this sinus infection and I’ll be good.

That’s what’s going on with me. Trying to stay relaxed and stress free! Send me your healthy vibes folks! I’m hoping i’ll be good by next week! The antibiotics seem to be working! Yay!