Hey Girl Hey: Things I’m Over!

Hey Girl Hey!

On today’s Hey Girl Hey! I felt like sharing a few things I’m just beyond the point of over! Sometimes you just feel over it and done and this week has been a whole lot of feeling like that. It’s been a rough week for me and I’m thankful to have this outlet to just let it all out! Letting it all out has helped me relieve some stress and a get through some hormone and anger issues I’ve been dealing with this year. Yes, I’m perfectly fine to admit that I’m not Brite & Bubbly ALL THE TIME. No one can be 100% of the time, unless you are on a heck of a lot of meds if you know what I mean! I’m making my Wednesdays those days when I just let it all go! Thanks to this series of posts I can share it with you!

So here are the things I’m over!

Some of these things I’ve experienced in the past 2 days alone!

1. PR Reps asking me how to do their jobs. If you don’t know how to run a campaign, approach influencers or bloggers and don’t know the rules of the FTC you shouldn’t have your job. I can’t tell you how many people want me to get on a call and spend hours of my day telling them how to do their job and essentially training or giving them access to my contacts FOR FREE! If you can’t do this, then maybe I should be the one with your job! Trust me I’d love the steady paycheck for a change!

2. PR Reps thinking it’s ok to email asking for work and literally saying phrases like “Your payment will be two chocolate bunnies”! I don’t work for chocolate do you! I can’t pay my bills or rent with chocolate. I do wish I could!

3. PR Reps who ask you to jump on a call for an hour or make you go out to lunch or breakfast with them to discuss working together and then NEVER get back to you or work with you! And honestly these people should get academy awards because they will act like the meeting went super well and want to be besties with you, trade numbers with you, but you never hear from them again. It’s like being on a date you thought went well and then you never hear from them again. I’m married and I hated dating! I don’t want to date and I do not need to go on bad dates with PR Reps who don’t understand that our time is literally money. The time I wasted going on a pointless meeting or spending on a conference call, I can be working with the clients I do have and getting work done and responding to the people who do want to 100% work with me and work on their campaigns.

4. I’m so OVER seeing the same people get praised as who to follow on these follow round up lists magazine sites and bloggers do. It’s literally the same people every time and it’s like daggers every time because one person is always the psycho blogger I mentioned in my previous post.

5. I’m so over magazines and websites praising a room design or DIY as amazing and genius when it’s honestly not! It makes your magazine look ridiculous because the only reason it’s being written is because the person writing it follows the person on Instagram and loves them and may be friends with them.

6. I’m so over having to hound brands and pr reps for payments. If I provide the work on time, I should be paid on time! Yes this happens on almost every campaign I work on!

7. I’m so over my neighbors letting their dog poop all over the lobby of our building and not picking it up. IT’S DISGUSTING and it’s happened multiple times!

8. And last but not least, I’m so over Los Angeles. I want to move and can’t figure out where to move to. On one hand I don’t want to stop covering entertainment and movies, but at the same time I can’t stand the blogging and instagram cliques that are out here. It’s horrible and every year it seems to get worse and worse since everyone seems to be moving here. I’m VERY anti-clique and just like to be friends with everyone, but it’s not like that here and it’s a very mean girls like environment and I HATE IT!  I’d love to move back to my home town NYC, but it’s beyond the point of expensive.

That’s all I’m OVER this week! I was hoping our second HEY GIRL HEY would be a little more positive, but I just felt like screaming this week, so I figured I’d let it out here. I’m so thankful this week is almost over! Here’s hoping for a better week next week.