Hey Girl Hey! WTF IS Wrong With People!

Hey Girl Hey!

I try to not talk about political topics here on the blog, but we had yet another mass shooting and it’s beyond the point of ridiculous at this point. I had to say something and I’m tired of influencers not using their platform to do something good like talk about the topics that need to be talked about. Seriously, pardon my french but WTF is wrong with people. And what is wrong with people who are attacking the poor victim kids for speaking out against guns! They are simply tired of being shot at and they shouldn’t be attacked for wanting adults to do something about it! I seriously want to know what is wrong with people! Listen, I understand why people want guns and love guns, my husband was in the military and he has friends who own arsenals of guns. But there is a big difference between them and the average person or KID who wants to go buy a guy. They have been trained in the military and had do go through tons of training and background checks before they even got a weapon to fire as a soldier. My husband literally said to me a few days ago, why is it harder for someone in our military to get a weapon than a regular person who has never handled a gun? It makes no sense!

We do not own a gun, but if we ever did get a gun, there would be no reason why we would need a freaken machine gun or AR-15! Unless there was a zombie apocalypse of course. Then give me all the machine guns! At least I have a husband who is trained to use one! There is no reason why someone under the age of 21 can get a gun with in 5 minutes and they can’t even buy a beer yet. Seriously folks? What kind of sense does that make? I recently read this article about a college kid who went into a gun shop with an expired license and that’s it and bought an AR-15 in 5 minutes! 5 MINUTES FOLKS! He didn’t even have a valid form of ID and they still gave it to him! Even he thought it was insane! You can read it HERE! You can’t even get a license to drive a car in 5 minutes. You have to take a test to drive a car! Why do you not need to pass a test to get a weapon that can kill hundreds of people? I seriously don’t understand the logic that it’s ok to hand over a weapon that can kill hundreds of people over in 5 minutes to someone with out an ID, a background check or making sure they are fit to handle that gun. I’m not saying this happens in every state, because it’s super hard to get a gun in NYC. I’m also NOT trying to say we need to get rid of all the guns, but I do think we need stronger gun laws, mandatory background checks, and possibly raise the age limit for purchasing a gun ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. I also think all schools should have metal detectors and a police officer posted in their school. When I was in high school in NYC, we had them and that was decades ago. Security in schools shouldn’t be just a big city thing. This kid of security is needed at all schools at this point! And guns like the AR-15 or any machine gun type weapon that can kill hundreds easily should not be sold in public. No one needs those kinds of guns! It’s ridiculous!

It’s at the point that when we have a new baby, I’m probably going to home school because I’m literally afraid to send my kid to school or we’re moving to Australia! I’m so beyond done with the nothing being done about this problem! Someone said to me, well I’m sending my kid to private or Catholic school as nothing happens in private or Catholic schools. It’s only public schools. Sadly in this day in age you never know what can happen ANYWHERE. I’m like God forbid, nothing has happened YET! Also this person made it seem like that’s a solution. You need to pay or go bankrupt to have your kids safe in schools! This is the mentality some people have these days folks! Honestly, I pray nothing does happen again in the future, I can’t take hearing about another shooting in a school! You literally take your life in your hands if you go to a festival, concert, club, theme park, vegas, or send your kid to school. Living this way with guns is literally affecting our way of life and this is not living the American dream! Something needs to be done.

Moral of the story folks is, Kids should not be afraid to go to school and parents should not have to be deathly afraid that they may never see their child again every time they send them to school. Plain and simple!

Sorry, I just had to vent about this today, because something needs to change and even a small change can make a difference. If your representative doesn’t want to do anything to try to fix this problem then they need to go! VOTE THEM OUT! In the meantime, I encourage you to text ‘RESIST’ to 50409 and it will help you figure out who your representatives are and write a letter to them for you. It’s super easy to do and make sure you do it as often as you can!

We need to do something now so our kids can have a future.

Thanks for reading this folks!


  • I grew up in the country. 1986 graduate. Almost every senior male drove a pickup truck that had a gun rack with guns in the back window. Nobody was shot. Fist fights happened all the time. Nobody ran to a truck and grabbed a gun.

    I don’t know why as a society we have reverted to shooting everyone. But I feel it is not a gun problem. It is a morality problem.

    I have a 14 yr old son with an attitude problem. I DO NOT have a gun in my home even though I would like to. My responsibility as a parent and a responsible member of society makes me not have one, Not with a teen who has issues under my roof.

  • Completely agree! There is absolutely no reason for anyone not in a war zone to have one of these weapons. I am so damn proud of these kids for standing up and saying “ENOUGH!” I will help do my part by making damn sure that the candidates I vote for haven’t taken a single cent from the nra and are willing to actually do something about making our kids safe again.I shouldn’t have to worry that this is the last pb&j I will make for my kids lunch before they are taken from me.My son shouldn’t have to worry that his little sister is across the school from him and he wouldn’t be able to get to her if there was a shooter.My daughter shouldn’t have to worry about if she can fit in the storage closet with the rest of the kids to hide from a shooter.It’s beyond insane and we all need to do our part to fix this and keep our kids safe.We need to do our homework when it comes to who we put in office and we need to put our full support behind these kids who are standing up for what is right.I have hope that they will change the future for the better.

  • *that 20 year old didn’t buy a gun with an expired license, he window shopped. Had he actually decided to buy the gun, a background check would’ve had to happen and if his license was expired it would’ve come back as such.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but let’s not mislead people.

  • Yeah… it’s federal law for firearm dealers to perform background checks so that little story about a boy buying a gun in gun shop with no background check is false.
    Also AR 15s are not machine guns and/or assault weapons.
    I don’t even like guns but I dislike people with a platform spreading false info even more.

  • I don’t really feel that the answer is more control from the government in most situations. It can be said that laws only keep an honest man honest, that’s why they’re called criminals, they don’t typically take the law in to consideration when deciding to commit a crime or not. In addition, guns are not the root of the problem, they are just a means to an end for someone who is suffering. Have we seriously not learned anything from Elle Woods? Happy people just don’t shoot other people. Finding and healing the root cause of these issues will create change, as well as individuals taking responsibility for the world we’ve all created.