Hey Girl! Ryan Gosling Rice Krispy Pop Galentines! (Free Printable)


Hey Girls!

Are you still looking for a great Galentine’s Day gift to give to your bestie this Valentine’s Day? Well it’s not too late to make yourself some Hey Girl! Ryan Gosling Rice Krispy Pop Galentines.

All You Need To Make These Is:

These “Hey Girl” FREE PRINTABLE Hearts. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Hearts or CLICK the Image BELOW to DOWNLOAD!



Once you download them print them out. Print out as many as you’d like to make. They print out two per sheet.



Cut out your hearts carefully and then cut two slits on the empty side of the heart. The slits should be like an inch in length. This is what you’ll slip your pops sticks through to attach them to the hearts.


Once you have your hearts ready to go, You start to make your Rice Krispy Treat Pops. First you cut out circles from your Rice Krispy Treat sheet with your round cookie cutter.


You then stick in your pop sticks. I used some heart straws that I cut in half. You then ice the pop with white icing. Make sure it’s very smooth.


You then take your round edible Ryan Gosling images and pop them out of their sheet.


You place the image on your pops. Make sure to press them into the icing so they stick to it.


Then you outline the pop with red icing.


Let the pops dry for 30 minutes to an hour so you don’t mess them up when you’re slipping them into your printed “Hey Girl” Galentines.


Once they are dry you slip the stick through the slit you cut into the heart and pass them out to your Gal Pals!


It’s a simple fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day aka Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends. Something made from the heart is always better than something bought in my opinion.

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I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Happy Galentine’s Day!



  • tothemotherhood.com" target="_blank">HilLesha

    I’ve had a terrible crush on Ryan Gosling since he played in that mid-90s show (Breaker High). He wasn’t well known then, so it’s pretty awesome how popular he is now! 🙂