Holiday Traditions With Sears!

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Hey All!

I don’t know about all of you, but I grew up shopping at Sears! My father is obsessed with Sears. He’s a Searsaholic I will say. He visits Sears at least once a week and it’s double that around the holidays. Literally every gift my family got last Christmas from my father came from Sears! All my major appliances and televisions have all come from Sears, and I frankly don’t trust getting them from anywhere else. I know I’ll be doing lots of great shopping at Sears for people on my shopping lists for the Holiday Season as they truly have everything you can possibly want in one store.  They also have some great deals this time of year.

It’s become a family tradition to shop at Sears for the holidays. Sears is the place to go to get gifts for the whole family. When you come from a Latino family like I do, we like to stick to what we know as well as do things a little differently than traditional American households. This article on Huffpost was pretty spot on.

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We make a Pernil (Aka Pork thigh roast), Arros Con Gandules, and pastellios each Christmas. That’s our yearly holiday dinner menu. It means a lot to make these recipes as they are recipes that were passed down from generation to generation in my family. We keep the tradition of making that meal alive each year.

Our other traditions include decorating our Christmas Tree in a unique way each year (Yes this year I made our tree a pineapple tree)…


Wrapping our presents with creative and fun wrapping paper (Yes that is pineapple wrapping paper)…


And decorating our home with lots of festive decor around the house. I have decor that was given to me by my mom that I always like to put out.


There are so many family traditions that we practice each year for the holidays.

I love this time of year because I love to shop at Sears and I also love to do all our family traditions.

What are your family holiday traditions?