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Hey All!

How many of you watch NickJr with your kids? If you do then you certainly know what and who Pocoyo is! I love Pocoyo and I love watching it with my nephew since he’s still a baby. I wish it was was around when my Teen was a baby. Pocoyo is so cute! This vibrant computer animated and multi award-winning preschool series is already an international hit and is now a hit for American preschoolers!

They also launched their own online play and activities site to continue the Pocoyo fun and it’s called Pocoyo World.

What is Pocoyo World you ask?

Well it’s an online environment where you can create your own virtual “me” and enjoy games and adventures alongside your favorite Pocoyo characters, forming part of a virtual community where you can make friends and share activities.

You can enjoy educational activities that help you familiarize yourself with the world and encourage creativity. Games that stimulate skills and reflexes and award virtual gifts. Episodes and melodies are always available for you to enjoy online as well.

We recently got a chance to try Pocoyo World Premium Club where there is even more games and things you and your kids can enjoy!

At Pocoyo World you will be able to create and dress a character that will represent you or your child.

I created my adorable character and went on exploring Pocoyo World.  I think she looks like me. I LOVED how the world was decorated for the Holidays. The characters are so much fun, and cute, and the entire Pocoyo World is a perfect place to let your kids play, learn, and have fun.

Have fun inside Pocoyo’s universe. In addition, you have a private area where you can let your child’s imagination run wild! You can discover new areas and get fabulous prizes by solving the most amusing mysteries. All by using a very basic controls system that any child can manage.

This is a list of some more of the things you can do in Pocoyo World:

-You can use “My World,” where you can create your own domain with gifts and items
-You can visit “Pato’s Garden” which is a giant zoo! Fun!
-You can head over to “The Pond” and relax and row your boat around the lake, or even go read the “Tales of Pocoyo!”
-You can have fun at “Cinema Square” and go to the Pocoyo Cinema and watch episodes of Pocoyo, or visit the Pocoyo Radio Station and listen to the theme song and other great tunes.

Pocoyo World is so much fun and where ever you go you and your kids will discover something new and something fun. With Premium club we were able to play and enjoy with more features like costumes, vehicles, interactive objects and so much more. In addition, they will receive a monthly report monitoring their activity on Pocoyo World and have the chance to take part in exclusive events and promotions.

There is so much you can do in Pocoyo World I can go one and on!

They also have the most adorable new toy line as well that is available at Toys”R”Us stores across the U.S. and on

Pocoyo was kind enough to send me a Bump n’ Go Pocoyo toy car!

It is one of the most adorable toys ever! So perfect for any child 18 months and over. I have it stashed away for Christmas for my nephew. He’s going to go nutty when he sees it since he loves Pocoyo.

He also loves to play bump bump with his toy cars. So again such an amazing toy.

They also have bath toys…

And Squeeze ‘n Play toys that are plush squeezable toys that make sounds from the Pocoyo Show!

All these toys are perfect for kids for the Holidays and are a perfect way to introduce children to Pocoyo for this Holidays season!

You can check out Pocoyo World and play for free or you can set up the Premium Club for your kids for the following prices:

-1 month for $5.35
-3 months for $14.40
-6 months for $25.30
-1 year for $40.35
    A subscription to this site would be a perfect gift to any Child this Holiday Season!


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