Hot Giveaway For Yucatan Guacamole on Facebook! #GIVEAWAY #WIN

Hey All!

Yucatan Guacamole is running a Guac party giveaway June 12th- June 14th in which 1 winner a day will receive a “Guac party kit”!

You just have to “Like” Yucatan Guacamole on Facebook and Enter to win at this LINK! It’s a simple “enter to win” Guac Party giveaway where one daily winner will receive a Guac party kit that includes all Yucatan guacamole flavors, sombreros, mustaches, maracas, Yucatan bags, bubbles, plates, pens, and more!! So hurry and enter now as it would be a great win for the Summer! You’ll also want to follow since they also give out great coupons!