How About A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 On This Tech Tuesday!

I solely received products to review from Samsung. All Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

Today on Tech Tuesday I wanted to bring you my experience with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition! It’s a spectacular and chic new tablet that I’ve been in love with since I got my hands on it. I got the white version with the leather like back.


I love the screen as the resolution of the screen gives you crystal clear viewing quality.


The screen is also very big screen, but it doesn’t add any weight to the tablet. The GALAXY Note 10.1 allows you to have a Magazine-like experiences via 10,1” large screen. Full HD contents are fully supported without compromising quality. Every image and video is displayed more vividly and more sharply.


You can create your own menu screen by pinning your most used and loved apps, websites, videos, files, and folders to your screen.


There are so many amazing features like Scrapbook! It allows you to collect a variety of content and easily organize it! No more struggling to organize information or track down contents from various sources. Now you can easily collect and organize a variety of content including webpages, Youtube videos, videos on your device. It’s super handy if you’re trying to be more organized like I am in 2014!


The GALAXY Note 10.1 offers you enough screen space to do multiple tasks simultaneously. You can activate two Apps, such as movie player, note App at the same time. And you can draw or scribble while you are doing something else, like watching movie! It’s really cool to not have to close out of an app just to do something else on your tablet!

I love using the calender for example and watch a movie at the same time.


Surfing the internet is also a breeze on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.


There are so many amazing features on this tablet that I could go on and on about. It’s truly handy to have a fabulous tablet like this to use in your daily life. It’s not only functional, but it helps make your life a little more organized and easier!

Stay tuned for more technology fun on next weeks Tech Tuesday!