How To Solve A Skirty Situation!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jockey Skimmies®. All opinions are 100% mine.


Hey All!

As the summer sun begins to shine, my summer wardrobe makes its fabulous debut as well. I love to wear cute dresses and skirts to keep me cool on those warm days but there is one thing I don’t look forward to and that is my thighs getting all sweaty and rubbing together. I know that’s too much information to share, but it’s a big problem. In the past it has made me not want to wear my dresses and skirts. I’m a curvy girl with big thighs and no matter how skinny I get my thighs never seem to shrink. THEY NEVER SHRINK! I’ve suffered my who life with the “Friction Affliction” (A bow-legged stride that aims to keep a dreaded thigh fire from ruining your day). Yes folks I’ve been walking bow legged and placing baby powder and even deodorant between my thighs to avoid that thigh fire! Ladies you know what I’m talking about?! Thankfully I figured out how to solve this skirty situation and I no longer have to do that now that I’ve discovered my little thigh saviors the Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort. I’ve been #SavedBySkimmies and I couldn’t be happier! I can now wear all my fun and short summer dresses with out the extra fuss and worry.

How did I learn I was experiencing a “Friction Affliction” you ask? Well I discovered it on The Solutionary™! To demonstrate Skimmies and its benefits, Jockey launched an illustrated dictionary of style solutions dubbed The Solutionary™. It has hilarious definitions to common style blunders and it will help educate and entertain you on the daily solves made possible by Skimmies.

I got a variety of Skimmies to go with all my summer dresses and decor. They have all kinds of solutions for all your summer looks.


They have an Original Microfiber Skimmies which Smooths like a slip and covers like shorts. It offers a smooth, polished look under fitted-to-flowing skirts and dresses. It’s available in short and regular lengths as you can see above and below. The regular is great for those pencil skirts or longer dresses.


The short it perfect for those shorter cocktail dresses and skirts. Both are made from a silky-smooth microfiber stretch fabric for smoothing coverage without restriction.


The Anti-static Skimmies® (seen above) resists static and allows clothes to glide. You can wear them under pants or other cotton fashions and say good-bye to cling. I love wearing these under those flowing long skirts! It has a wide, flat leg hem for a stay-put fit and it targets stretch zones to flatter your natural curves. Perfect for me since I have a lot of curves that need flattering!


The Wicking Skimmies® which I got in black as you can see above are made from breathable mesh panels that keep you comfortable and dry all day. They are perfect for working out in or for day-long summer events outside. These moisture-wicking Skimmies have a quick dry fabric helps prevent chafing. Skimmies have made me so much more comfortable in my summer fashion choices. Since they are light, breathable, not uncomfortable to wear and look great under my clothing I have solved my thigh fire problem with an easy solution. I know on very hot days I was concerned on having to wear an extra piece of clothing under my dresses, but that concern quickly went away as they did not make me hot in any way and I even forgot I was wearing them! I’ve been #SavedBySkimmies!


It’s like second nature now that I always put on my Skimmies under my fabulous colorful summer dresses and skirts.


There is nothing like feeling comfortable and confident when I’m out and about in my cute summer fashions and I’m so thankful to my Skimmies for helping me feel this way!

Check out The Solutionary™ for more common style blunders and how Skimmies can help you solve them. Jockey Skimmies® retail for $20-$22 which is a bargain in my opinion!

Get your Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort now and enjoy your summer worry free style!

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