How We’re Staying Entertained On Those Hot Summer Days!


Hey All!

When the weather gets scorching outside, we usually just like to stay in and have some fun entertaining ourselves at home. When I live in Southern California it can get over 100 degrees. Hanging in my nice air conditioned apartment that never is above 70 degrees is paradise to me. Who doesn’t love vegging out on the couch while streaming their favorite movies?! I know I do! I also love to veg out watching YouTube videos or getting caught up on crafts and DIY posts at my Brite & Bubbly desk. When I’m caught up on work that helps me relax as well. Without an amazing internet connection or television service none of this would be possible. Well the air conditioning would be possible, but not the streaming of movies or surfing the web. Those are the main two services that help me and my family veg out. That’s mainly how I stay entertained on these very hot summer days.


Thankfully there are amazing services like Verizon FiOS that provide endless amounts of fun and entertainment right from your fingertips. You can bundle FiOS with TV, Internet, and Phone to have the total entertainment and vegging out package. I forgot to mention I love calling a girlfriend up as I watch a TV show we both love and gossiping about it. With a FiOS package I can do all of the above with out breaking the bank.


Right now they have a special offer that is running until 7/19/15 that for only 79.99/month, you’ll get TV, Internet and phone plus a year of premium programming and a $350 gift card. It’s essentially giving you entertainment and $350 to celebrate you vegging out this summer! I know what I can get with $350! A bunch of FiOS On-Demand movies, some donuts, some popcorn, and my favorite makings for a cocktail, so I can really enjoy myself as I stay home and watch my favorite films.

That’s a heck of a deal that will ultimately provide you with some much needed R&R this summer. That’s worth every penny in my book.

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How do you like to spend your hot summer days?