I Am Very Busy + Fab Friday Finds!

Mother's Day Gifts

Hey All

It’s been an insanely busy week. I know I feel like I’m saying that a lot often, but it seems like April was crazy and the crazy is not letting up in May. Just to give you an idea, I went to Mom 2.0, as you all know, came back to multiple events back to back. Had like 30 posts to do, Had to go to the Captain America Movie Marathon, Had to leave that marathon to go across the street to see The Nice Guys because I’m interviewing the cast and film makers today. And then Create & Cultivate begins tonight and goes until tomorrow. And then it’s Mother’s Day! Crazy I know! Next week I’m a bit more free so I welcome the down time to catch up and just relax!

Anyway, we have some fun things in store in the coming weeks. More patches, more pins, more DIY’s, more food, and more celebs coming at you soon! If you liked my DIY patch purse, you’ll love what’s coming soon!

Cute DIY patch covered patchgame purse

Here is a look at my favorite finds around the net this week!

Two words! Emoji Sandals!

I’m legit obsessed with this Lilac Pleated Skirt.

This shirt is the story of my life. Eat Sleep Blog Repeat

I need this Kate Spade Bag for National Ice Cream Day!

My new favorite lipstick color!

Needs this flamingo body suit for Palm Springs!

These Mother’s Day Cakes! Cuteness.

Umm Beach Please! Love these sandals!

Yum Candy Kabobs! Gotta make these!

These Acai bowls are perfection!

Too cute! Pin the tail on the Lama!

Don’t forget to make some awesome hand bound note pads for your Mom this Mother’s Day!

Yummy Milk and Cereal Popsicles!

You need to make yourself some Taco Pillows asap!

Don’t forget to wrap those Mother’s Day gifts!

Have a very happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone!

I’m hoping next week will be more relaxing! I doubt it. lol. I’m blessed to be busy.



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