I Could Live At Ralphs Sherman Oaks!


Hey All!

In case you didn’t know, Ralphs is my favorite grocery store in Los Angeles! My favorite of all the Ralphs stores in Los Angeles was the store in Sherman Oaks on Ventura, Blvd. I never forget the day I went into shop and the shelves were empty.  The Horror! My heart sank as I had no idea what was going on. I quickly grabbed an employee of the store and asked if they were closing down. He quickly told me they were tearing down the store for a remodel. I was relieved to hear they weren’t closing down, but I was immediately saddened that I’d be losing my favorite store for some time.

Well this week that wait came to an end when the Ralphs Sherman Oaks opened it’s spectacular doors. Ralphs must have sensed my love of this store as I got the opportunity to get a preview of the store before it opened. I have never been more excited to go to a grocery store before. I was literally counting the days until I could go inside.


They were having a grand opening celebration for it’s customers and it was filled with great sales. The new store not only has an amazing new look and layout. They even have my favorite rolling baskets!


The seating area to enjoy your coffee or service counter food is gorgeous!


The store is over 68,000 square feet and every inch is amazing! They’ve doubled the size of the store and the products they offer. If you’re into healthy or Kosher eating this is your dream store! Their Simply Organic product line is all over the store, which means it’s heaven for me. The store decor is one of a kind and completely unique to this store.


They have a Murray’s Cheese Counter straight from Brooklyn, NY which is like a little piece of home for this New Yorker in LA. The variety of fresh cheeses will leave your mouth watering. The best thing about Murray’s is you can try any cheese or product they have before you buy it. It doesn’t matter what it is. They want you to love what you buy before you buy it. I think that’s a great policy to make sure every customer leaves satisfied.


Besides the best selection of cheese, Murray’s has a special Bloody Mary mix that is out of this world!

The store also has a Boar’s Head Deli Meats section where you can find all natural Boar’s Head meats. You can’t find the all natural at all stores.


The store has also partnered with La Brea Bakery which delivers fresh breads every morning! The bakery also has an amazing selection of whole grain cakes, vegan cookies, and Kosher cakes. As you can see they have an amazing selection of donuts as well!


Their vast and wonderful alcohol section is divided by kind and country. You can even find Cupcake Wine!


The store has the largest Kosher Foods section I have ever seen in a store. You can find everything from Kosher meats to Kosher cakes and a full service Kosher Deli. It truly has anything you can possibly want that is Kosher. My Jewish friends were rejoicing when they heard the news. It’s sure to become the number one place to shop for Kosher products.


The store in general is beyond amazing. I can go on and on about the store itself, but the main aspect of this store that I love is that they have all the products I love and use. They have a whole section for Pellegrino Water! I drink a bottle a day!


And their Simple Truth line is available in abundance in this store. You can find everything from Simple Truth meats…


To Simple Truth frozen foods, canned goods, pasta, and more. They have the largest selection of Simple Truth out of any Ralphs in LA which makes it heaven for me! I love their Simple Truth line. It makes buying Organic and Natural affordable for me and my family. This store will make grocery shopping all the more easier as I now to have to travel to multiple Ralphs to get the Simple Truth items I’m looking for. I know I will find everything I need and want at this one location!


It’s nice to finally have my favorite grocery store back in this spectacular way. It’s not only a beautiful store, but it’s the perfect place for me and my family to shop!

Run out to Ralphs Sherman Oaks located at 14049 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California, 91423 to see this store for yourself!

Be sure to visit Ralphs.com for more info!

I was gifted with a swag bag and other various items from Ralphs for attending. All Opinions are my own.