I Dream of A Sterling Prevail Sliding Shower Door!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sterling. All opinions are 100% mine.


Hey All!

With a house full of boys, men, and dogs there are a lot of baths and showers taken through out the day. These boys and animals love to get dirty. I feel sometimes like they do it on purpose so they can get me to stop and give them a bath. Our dogs are the biggest offenders as they love to get in mud and dirt.


It’s really annoying and you can’t bath a dog too often as it’s bad for their skin and coat. We’ve come up with our own little routine for bathing the dogs in particular.


First we fill the tub with their oatmeal gentle pet shampoo. We don’t use bubble bath or anything that will irritate their skin. We then fill the tub less than half way as one of our dogs Mr. Pink is small and short and we don’t want him to drown in the tub!


I then sit at the edge of the tub and scrub those darn dogs clean. Tons of junk comes off of them as I sit on the edge of the tub which has the track to our shower door.


It’s not the most comfortable hence why I dream of having a new Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology. It’s a flexible bottom track that supports the shower door’s glide and yields an easier, safer day-to-day use for the family. The Sterling Prevail shower door would be the perfect addition to our shower! I know it would make bath times all the more easier on me!

The ComforTrack’s cushioned threshold bends to applied pressure, allowing the user to kneel, sit, or lean on the track, making it easier and more comfortable to bathe a child or a pet, access the shower, or clean the bathing/showering space. LOVE IT!

This new technology is not only flexible, it is extremely durable with its heavy-duty material. It will outlast day-to-day wear and tear. It’s comfortable, easy to clean, and a smart addition to any showering space. It’s great for bathing kids, washing dogs, lolling in the bath with your feet up, etc. (All the stuff you can’t do with a hard shower track.)

We can wait to get one of our own as my sitting area will surely rejoice when we do. If you know what I mean! Sterling Prevail shower doors with the ComforTrack technology are available for BOTH bath doors and shower doors.

Check out this video below for more info on this amazing ComforTrack technology.

For more info check out the Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology website!

I’d love to hear about your bath time routines or tips in the comments below! Share!

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