I Need A Chamomile Bathroom Makeover!

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Hey All!

Being a Latina it was always instilled in me to keep traditions going. It is a task passed down from my grandmother to my mother and then to me. You know that traditions are what keeps culture and a sense of home alive. Many traditions are associated with family and food-filled celebrations. However, some of the strongest ties to heritage and home are created by the small details in our everyday lives. The taste of abuelita’s cooking or the fabric of a special blanket can surround us with that toque especial that makes us feel como en casa. One tradition my mom always told me to do when I had my own family was keep an hour of bathroom time for yourself.

She would always do this ever other day and it was her own hour of “Me Time” so to speak. She would run a bath and sit in the bathtub reading her gossip magazines. It would allow her to recharge and have a moment to herself. She always kept the bathroom smelling calm and lovely and it was always clean and uncluttered.

I’m sad to say I have not succeeded in keeping this tradition. My bathroom is a hot mess! There is stuff all over the counters since we’re always just running around or I’m traveling. And if I don’t organize it, it sadly doesn’t get done.


There is stuff every where you turn. I’m now trying to get back to the hour of relaxation tradition and trying to get the bathroom to be a relaxing place.


A new comfort I can now infuse into my life is chamomile scented toilet paper from Charmin. This summer, Charmin is introducing a new Chamomile scented toilet paper to help soothe all of your senses. Infuse a special tradition into your home with the soothing scent of Charmin with the scent of Chamomile.

I want to make my bathroom more relaxing with a Charmin Chamomile makeover! I want to get some caddies, baskets, and draw organizers to organize everything that is on the counter tops. I want to replace the tissue box with maybe some flowers and just give the bathroom a more relaxing feel. I also can’t wait to get the soothing scent of new Charmin with the scent of Chamomile in the bathroom as it smells amazing.


I want to also un-clutter the tub and give it a good scrub down so I can enjoy a nice warm bath and my magazines while I enjoy the scent of Chamomile from my Charmin. In case you didn’t know Chamomile is very calming and soothing. I drink Chamomile tea all the time so I know!

For those who grew up with scented bath tissue, this can be a small way to carry on a family tradition. If you’re looking for a new way to freshen up your bathroom, Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile helps provide your family a soothing bathroom experience.

Each roll has the scent of chamomile added to the tube to create a bathroom experience that soothes all the senses, while still providing the strong quality Charmin toilet paper you know and trust.

I can’t wait to get back on track to keeping my moms tradition of bathroom time alive.

Stay tuned for my Bathroom Makeover! I will succeed!

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