Ideas for an ideal U.S. Family Great Getaway!

Hey All!

I wanted to share some ideas about a great US family getaway with you. As in getaways you can go to as a family…

I love to travel even though me and my family don’t get to go traveling often, we do our best to visit some place new every year. Even if we don’t get on a plane or leave the state of California we figure out a way to drive our way to a new site and vacay each year. We usually make it a weekend trip and I wanted to give you some tips on how to take a fun Family getaway!


My family and I love going to Disneyland every year.  We can drive to it here in California and it always feels like a vacation even if you’re only there a day. If you have a them park near you that you can Drive to, I highly recommend them as a fun little weekend getaway for you and your family. 


I’ve made it one of my new years resolutions to use coupons for everything I possibly can! Restaurant chains all over the country have coupons you can use to get free meals for you and your kids.  Places like Dennys or Ihop that you can find every where take coupons. It helps you save money on your trips and allows you to use the money you save to do more activities on your trips.

3. Pack and lunch and Snacks if you can.

My family and I always pack a back pack and a cooler and ziploc baggies filled with lunches and snacks if I can take food with me where ever we go. Some them parks don’t allow outside food so be advised. But I try to pack as much as I can so we save money and not have to pay tons of money for all of us to eat outside or on the road.

4. Hit the beach!

Spending the day at the beach is always a family fun getaway even if it’s for the day! Don’t forget your sunscreen of course. Beaches are free. You can relax and eat and play and enjoy the day all for free!

5. Hit the Park!

Find a new park in your state that you haven’t been to. Vist the park and have some fun. Find a national park you’ve never been to and have a camping trip. These are always fund US vacations that you can do on the weekend for little to no money. Some national parks have days that are free. You just have to look up your states parks and look at what dates they offer free and plan your vacay!

 So, those are some of my tips and suggestions for a great US getaway. I hope they help you have a great US getaway!

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