I’m a 2012 Positivity Ambassador & Dancing El Paso Positivo! #Positivismo

Hey All!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to announce that I’ve been selected to serve as a 2012 Positivity Ambassador for the California Milk Processor’s Board and being an Ambassador I’m going to bring you lots of fun and help you all Shape up for Summer!

I’m super excited to be part of this amazing Ambassadorship since we love Milk in our household. I have to buy at least a gallon a week since my teen and fiance and our baby nephew who is 2 and is a fast growing little thing drink so much of it! Milk has everything growing kids need to keep them nice and strong and it also helps keep their smiles pretty. Drinking milk helps to build strong teeth and to prevent cavities. All thanks to the calcium in milk. It also helps to give you Beautiful hair. The protein in milk helps to have healthier and stronger hair. Protein, lipids, calcium, vitamins A and B6, biotin and potassium work together to maintain smooth and shiny hair. And you find them all in a glass of milk. Milk is one of the best sources of vital nutrients that help promote your beauty.

With summer also right around the corner, now is the perfect time for you and your family to get moving to shape up for summer. Go for a scenic bike ride, play basketball, or learn a new dance like “El Paso Positivo!” Here is video of this fun dance so you can learn to do it with me!


After dancing “El Paso Positivo” remember to drink a glass of milk. Milk helps your muscles to recover after working out. You can also download the “El Paso Positivo” song Here so you can get your groove on this summer!

I’ll also be sharing a lot about a special man who helped create this special dance called Simón Felix the “Master of the Glass Half Full” (in Spanish it is “El Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno“).

Simón Felix, better known as the “Master of the glass half full”, is the Positivity Guru who invites us to see the positive side of things.  However, the eternal optimist was not always so positive.  He was born in San Mateo, a small town in California.  His parents, Simón Felix and Sarah Lewis, were both well-known milk producers in the region, so from an early age he was surrounded by a delicious white liquid called Milk.  He enjoyed a happy and positive childhood, but as he grew he forgot about his favorite drink and life became more challenging.  Simon began to change, and when a love relationship went sour, his attitude transformed radically. He began to take everything negatively, and became a pessimist overnight.

In need of self-discovery, he decided to leave San Mateo for a new adventure that would eventually leave him to discover positivity.  He traveled the world visiting different cities, and it was during these travels that he was introduced to a wise old sage in Tiznit, a small city that would change his life forever.

One rainy day, when Simón was feeling more negative than ever, the sage came to him and presented him with a gift – an old wooden box.  As he handed the box to Simón, he told him that he would find what he was looking for inside.

Simón carefully opened the box, and found a beautiful crystal glass along with simple instructions: Fill the glass with Milk.  He followed the directions, and began to fill the glass with a gallon of milk.  To his surprise, regardless of how much milk he poured into the glass it always stayed half-full.  He couldn’t understand how he the glass would not fill to the rim.  He was even more surprised when he began to drink the milk.  He drank, and drank, but the milk would not run out.  That night he slept better than ever, and the next morning he woke up feeling renewed, happy and positive. He realized that the Milk had provided him with positive enlightenment.  The glass that he received from the sage was in reality an important message.  He would never see the glass as half-empty again.   Now, the glass was always half-full.  Simón, a generous man, knew that he needed to return back home to California to share his newfound knowledge about positivity.

Here are some interesting tid bits about Simón Felix:

  •  His blood is O positive.
  •  His positivity has changed many laws, including Murphy’s.
  •  He once dropped 100 pieces of toast with butter and marmalade, and they all fell face up.
  •  They say that his positivity lifted the entire area of the Dead Sea.
  •  They that he co-wrote the lyrics to Queen’s “We Are the Champions”.
  •  They say that he can drink more milk than a calf.
  •  They say that he makes his animal cookies levitate so that he can dip them into his glass of milk.

Just so you know The Master of the Glass Half Full is a purely fictional character created for fun. He is just something fun I’ll be sharing with you!

To learn more about The Master of the Glass Half Full character follow him on Facebook and Twitter or visit the “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” website at: http://www.elmaestrodelvasomediolleno.com.

I will have lots more fun things to share soon! Follow me on Twitter and the hashtag #Positivismo to keep up with all the fun!


Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own!