I’m Going To Blogalicious! #Blogalicious12 #LatinaMoms

Hey All!

I just wanted to announce that I don’t know how as of yet, but I’m going to Blogalicious. In case you didn’t know what Blogalicious was…

Blogalicious is a conference taking place in Las Vegas that touches on creating content that builds strong emotional connections among audiences is the name of the game.  Think of the mega success behind the Instagrams and the Pinterests and the Spotifys that we instantly loved. It’s time to apply that philosophy to your blog or business; take a moment to ask yourself: How am I inspiring my readers? Is my brand resonating with my customers? How can I make it personal?

This Year the amazing Latina Mom Bloggers network will be there as a media sponsor and I can’t wait to hopefully connect with them and so many amazing bloggers next month at Blogalicious! I want to make this blog grow and become bigger and better for you all and I’m doing my best to learn and network so that you can provide the best content here and bring you more great experiences and opportunities with growth.

“This year we are excited to shake things up a bit as we bring to life our 2012 theme: Make It Personal.”

I plan to make it a personal journey for growth with every experience I have I Blogalicious!

For More info on the conference visit http://conference.beblogalicious.com

And if you’re a Latina Mom Blogger you should definitely check out www.latinamombloggers.com!



Disclosure: I wrote this in participation in a Latina Mom Bloggers contest to win tickets to Blogalicious. All opinions are my own.