I’m Heading To Asgard and Geeking Out! #ThorDarkWorldEvent #DeliveryManEvent

Disney will be providing me with travel and accommodations for this trip. All Opinions are my own.


Hey All!

I’m happy to share that my inner nerd girl is geeking out as in a few weeks I will be attending the THOR: THE DARK WORLD Premiere and interviewing Tom Hiddleston (“Loki”) from THOR: THE DARK WORLD! I know amazing right! From my times chatting with Tom, you all know I’m totally #TEAMLOKI and I LOVE Tom Hiddleston.


When ever the man talks it’s like poetry! I can’t wait to get to chat with him once again! I will also be chatting with Jamie Alexander (“Sif”) from THOR: THE DARK WORLD for the 1st time and I couldn’t be more excited to meet her! I’m so excited for this opportunity as Thor was my favorite movie besides the Avengers of the Marvel films.


If that’s not enough, I will also have the amazing opportunity to chat with the stars of DELIVERY MAN Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt. I’m a huge Vince Vaughn fan and in case you didn’t know Chris Pratt is also starting in Guardians of the Galaxy! Which I obviously can’t wait for! I’m thrilled to see this film and chat with them.

Here’s an early sneak peek. Check out the new poster for Delivery Man below.


Let’s not stop there! I will also get a sneak peek at the In-Home releases of PLANES and IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED at Disney Toon Studios!


I feel like jumping up and screaming I’m so happy I’m going to Disneyland, but wait I am! Last but not least I’m going to Disneyland to check out the new Disneyland exhibit THOR: TREASURES OF ASGARD.

It’s going to be jam packed 4 days starting November 2nd-5th! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest with Hashtags #ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent to keep up with all the fun I will be experiencing on this amazing trip thanks to Disney!

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I can’t wait to share the entire once in a lifetime experience with you!