I’m Loving My Samsung Galaxy Note 4!



Hey All!

I decided to start off Tech Tuesday once again with a bang! I’ve been searching for an alternative to my existing smart phone and I was lucky enough to be sent this fabulous Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 from the fine folks at Samsung to review! They know the way to my heart as I love those Galaxy products. I have had the previous version of this phone and the tablet, gear, and camera. The main thing I look for in a phone is will it work with my busy blogging lifestyle. I’m happy to say it does. I’m loving my Samsung Galaxy Note 4! The other thing I look for is a great camera, but we’ll get to that soon enough.


I love the leather like backing of the phone. It feels very sturdy and well made in your hand.


It runs on Android™ 4.4 (Kitkat) and has 3GB RAM + 32GB Internal Memory.


The Quad HD Super AMOLED screen delivers richer colors and deeper shadows, making your entertainment look better than ever on the big, bold, 5.7-inch display.


The S Pen is designed for every day, helping you accomplish more. Its smooth, instinctive interaction feels like pen on paper. Writing isn’t just legible—it’s usable. It has full-touch capability and mouse-like functionality. This phone feels more like a mini computer in your hand than a phone. You can get all the apps you need from the Google play store and from Amazon. It connects straight to Amazon seamlessly which is awesome since I live on Amazon.


You can also get right on Chrome and access all you apps with a simple touch to the bottom of the screen.


Now it’s time to talk about one of the biggest features that is so important to me…The Camera!


It has a 3.7-megapixel front-facing camera that features a 120-degree pan to fit more friends in the picture when you’re taking a group selfie for instance. There is a great and extra clear 16-megapixel rear camera as well with advanced editing features. Say goodbye to blurry pictures and shaky videos with optical image stabilization.


I love that even when you zoom in, the details in your photo remain in focus.


I tested it out on my super model dog Mr. Pink since he’s the only one in the house who won’t give me any attitude if I ask him to pose for me.


The rear camera snapped so many amazing photos of him and I love that I can easily edit them right in the phone. No extra app is needed for editing pictures with this delightful smart phone.


You can even add some cute little images like this crown you see below to your images as you edit.


How cute does Mr. Pink look?! Too cute!


All in all I think it’s a fantastic smart phone that does everything I need it to do and more. Having a great camera on both the front and the back make this phone a cut above the rest in my opinion. It’s available on Verizon Wireless and all the major cell phone carriers. I have Verizon so that’s who I always recommend!

For more info on the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 visit the Samsung Website.