I’m Proud To Be Part of The #Blogalicious5 & New Speaker Announcement!

I will be attending this conference and will receive a complimentary pass to the conference. All opinions are my own.


Hey All,

I’m so proud to announce that I’m part of the Blogalicious 5 Press Pool! I’m so honored to be part of such a spirited team of bloggers who will be covering the latest news briefings about BlogaliciousFIVE. The Blogger Press Pool consists of Myself, Adrienne Gadling, a lipstick loving, nail polish addict who spends her creative energy freelance writing. She is also the co-creator of Sadiddy, an online magazine written by fashion and beauty bloggers. María José Ovalle, a public relations professional, a freelance writer and a family and fashion blogger at Very Busy Mamá—Life, Beauty & Style. Mike Street is a Senior Digital Strategist based in Harlem, NYC. Aniesia Williams, founder of the Beleza Group™, an integrated communications firm and parent company of The Go To Ladies™. And the Chief Blogger at The Swarthy Suite as well as The Educated System.

We will be reporting all the breaking updates on BlogaliciousFIVE speakers, brands, panels, happenings, lifestyle tips and more.  We’ll have the inside track on this year’s hottest conference celebrating diversity in social media! See the official announcement here right on Blogalicious! So please follow along with Hashtag #Blogalicious5.


Also some great Speakers have been announced for the BlogaliciousFIVE #CommunityJam Sessions.  Some powerhouse players will engage in an open and honest conversation about:

  • best practices of how PR agencies like to work with bloggers when a misstep happens
  • how to handle others who aren’t respectful of your professional work
  • how bloggers’ behavior can impact conference involvement by brands
  • how to build a reputation that is “brand safe”

Check out all the news on these amazing speakers here.

This years Blogalicious is going to be amazing! I’m counting the days. I hope to see you all there.