Imaginext Disney Pixar Monsters University Scare Floor Toy Set #Review!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received these products to review and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.*** monstersulogo


Hello All!

In honor of the fabulous release of the New Disney movie Monsters University I was sent the awesome Monsters University Imaginext® Scare Floor Toy Set for review. Well it’s for the kids, but heck I think it’s pretty amazing as well. The kids were thrilled when this box arrived! We had just seen the movie and loved it, So to have a box with all the characters they know and love show up with these amazing toys was a special treat.


The set comes with two of our favorite main characters Mike and Sulley! It has a lot of interactive and movable fun incorporated into the place set. The doors the turn when you turn the red disk you see in the picture below. The doors don’t just turn, they start spinning! There is also a fold out the door repair station where you can insert a door and it clamps down automatically! The Scare Floor play set includes the Mike and Sulley figures, 3 doors, 2 canisters, 3 pieces of mail, mail cart, garbage can and broom. The Playset also lets you walk through the different jobs that Mike & Sulley have had at Monsters Inc. There is a slide out mailroom on the bottom that you can drop in and sort the two scare canisters and three pieces of mail by placing a figure on the disk and rotating it.


There is a cafeteria located around the back for their next job. The garbage can, broom and dustpan represent their time in the maintenance department. On the left side of the set a platform will rotate out that contains the door repair area, and on the right will be a CDA observation deck. Also in the set is the Scare floor where you can see the doors moving through the factory on the back wall.


When you remove a door and place it into its station the station will automatically clamp the door. Place a scare canister on the holder, rotate the disk, and watch it fill. Move it to the other side of the factory and you can empty the canister into a large canister, which will fill with the turn of another disk.


The set sparks two things in your kids as they play:

Curiosity & Discovery
• Turning Sulley or Mike on a disk to “sort” mail or scare canisters brings the movie fun to life—and helps kids discover cause & effect!


Imagination & Creativity
• Integrating these familiar monsters into the action really enhances imaginative play. Whether they’re repairing doors at the foldout station, or “sorting” scare canisters, Mike and Sulley can help kids create all sorts of different adventures every time they play!


It’s a fantastic toy that not only allows for fun with their favorite Disney Characters of Monsters University, but it also allows for learning fun! You can purchase additional characters from the movie to add more fun to the set. Mike and Sully would be lonely if they didn’t have their friends around right?


I do love that this set is made my Fisher Price. It’s a brand I’ve loved and trusted with toys for my family years. A lot of my toys as a child were Fisher Price as well. They truly make the best and most imaginative toys for children. And you can count on the toy being even more amazing when they partner with Disney!


I have to say I may steal the little Squishy figure before he’s destroyed by the kids. I love Squishy as you can see! He’s so adorable! #TeamSquishy all the way!


This Scare Floor Play Set retails for about $44.99 and the figures cost about $8.99.

It’s a great value for all that’s included and not to mention it’s a perfect toy for any Monsters Inc. or Monsters University fan.  We love it!