Increase Your Followers: Social Media Boost iPad2 #Giveaway!

Social Media Boost

Hey My Fellow Bloggers!

I am going to be part of this giveaway with my friends at and if you would like to take part we are still seeking some more bloggers. This will be a huge opportunity to gain more readers. I’m featuring it in my Halloween gift guide as a giveaway.

Here is the information that Staci from 7onashoestring allowed me to share from her blog:

Are you looking to increase your Social Media followers? Join me in the Social Media Boost iPad2 Giveaway. The holidays are coming and what a better gift than a brand new iPad2 and all your readers will need to do is follow you on Twitter or GFC or like your Facebook page to do so. The giveaway will run for 3 weeks. Staci will be submitting the event to over 100+ giveaway sites and am anticipating plenty of entries.


Entry fees:
$20 will give you 3 links into the giveaway: GFC is mandatory and Twitter and Facebook are optional.


We need a minimum of 30 bloggers to cover the cost of the iPad2 and the giveaway will cap at 50 participants. {If we end up with less than 30 bloggers we will giveaway a cash Grand Prize according to the amount of entry fees  obtained. Grand Prize will be 50% and blogger’s prize will be 35% of entry fees}.

11:59 pm {EST} on Monday ,October 3rd – 12:01 am {EST} Monday, October 24, 2011

Grand Prize: 1 winner of an  iPad2 will be chosen through using the community Rafflecopter form. {US only due to Apple shipping restrictions} Participating Bloggers are eligible for Grand Prize as long as they enter via Rafflecopter form as well.

Blogger Prize: The Blogger who refers the most participants will win a % of the total entry fee. This amount will be established after all entry fees are tallied depending on number of entries purchased. More bloggers joining means a bigger cash prize for the winning referrer. Plus, if we get all 50 bloggers signed up, 1 random participant will be given $50 in PayPal cash.  Therefore, if we get 50 entries at $20, then the winning Blogger will receive $200. And, yes, you have a chance at the Grand Prize as well simply by following  the participants on the Rafflecopter form! So please tell your fellow blogger friends to join us using the share button below! Make sure they use your name or Blog Title in the “referred by” box!

SM Boost GiveawayGrab the button and spread the word! Link it to:

How to sign up:
Sign up using this entry form and submit your “gift” via PayPal by Tuesday, September 27th {upon sign up Staci will send you information that includes her PayPal address}. Sites will be listed on the Rafflecopter form in order of entry. After tallying all the entries and gathering everyone’s information Staci will send out an email including the winning referrer, prize amounts, post details, giveaway button, and any other pertinent information. Please feel free to contact Staci with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Hope you’ll join us!