Instead of Braces I Wish I Had Invisalign! #INVStraightTalk

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Invisalign. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Hey All!

When I was growing up I had many friends and family members who had braces when they were a kid. I myself had braces for about a week when I was a kid because I wanted to get just one tooth straightened. Yes I was that vain when I was younger that I wanted to have perfect teeth. It didn’t matter that my dentist always complimented me for having a great smile, since I’ve always been a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my teeth. My grandmother wore dentures and I vowed to never let that happen to me. I digress…

One of my two front teeth slight curves in and I hated it. I felt like my teeth were crooked. If you see me dead on they look straight, but if you look at me from the side you can see my tooth is slightly crooked. I immediately went to the orthodontist to get braces. As soon as they were on I quickly realized I could live with the cooked tooth as I hated wearing braces. They were extremely painful for me! The bleeding lips were the worst. I had them quickly removed and I never wanted to experience that again.


The one thing I wish they had back then was invisible braces! Sadly they weren’t around back then, or I would have so gotten these in a heart beat. I mean would you rather have metal braces to straighten your teeth or clear invisible braces that you can remove. I think everyone would choose the later. But that’s just my opinion!


Adults and teens now have a modern choice for straightening their teeth. No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces that uses a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually move teeth over time. The benefits include no food restrictions, ability to easily maintain healthy dental brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, and teeth get straightened without most people knowing you are in treatment. Visit the Invisalign website for more information about the clear alternative to braces.

Today’s braces are more sophisticated than ever. Gone are the days of “wrap around” metal brackets, bonded brackets and big clunky head and neck gears. As technology enhances our daily lives, it also continues to advance the science of orthodontics.

Among the new advances in orthodontia, removable aligners, like Invisalign & Invisalign Teen, are fast becoming a popular choice. The system uses a series of clear aligners made of lightweight plastic that sit smoothly on the teeth allowing for a more comfortable fit and they work as effectively as traditional metal braces.


As with any medical procedure, consider getting a second opinion if you are told you or your child is not a candidate for Invisalign. Not all dentists and orthodontists are certified Invisalign providers, the best way to find an Invisalign provider is to visit the Invisalign Doctor Locator.

If my teen ever needs braces I will be going with Invisalign for him and I just may get it myself as I think I might want to get that tooth finally fixed before our wedding next year!

There are more than 2 million Invisalign cases in treatment or completed worldwide.  From very simple to very challenging, Invisalign offers a full spectrum of clear straightening treatments for most types of orthodontic issues.  Take the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you or your child.

Again for more information on Invisalign visit the Invisalign Website or you can follow Invisalign on Facebook or Twitter for all the up to date information.

Have you or someone you’ve known used Invisalign? And if so, what was their experience? I would love to know!