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Hey All!

As you all know I’m on a mission to get healthy in 2013! I’ve been at it for the past two weeks and it’s been tough, but I’ve lost 2 pounds already. I know it’s not a lot but I’m proud of those two pounds! I’ve been watching what I eat and have cut out a ton of things that I love to eat as I’m only allowed to eat like 1100 calories a day. I was super excited to learn I would not have to give up my favorite iced coffee drink as International Delight Light Iced Coffee is coming out at Walmart on January 21st, 2013! Rejoice! It’s a third of the calories as the regular version!

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to try it out prior to it hitting shelves and I have to say it’s still tastes great!


I was sent the vanilla and mocha flavor which is what will be on the shelves soon! My favorite is the Vanilla flavor so I’m super excited it comes in light now. It’s only 100 calories per 1 CUP serving!


And like I previously said it’s Reduced Calories with a third fewer calories than the regular version. This means I can stay with in my diet and not go over my calorie intake for the day. I can still enjoy my iced coffee goodness in the morning and not have to worry about the fact that I may be breaking my diet or splurging!

As you can see it lists it on the packaging only 100 calories per serving and only 4 grams of Sugar. That’s mainly what I’m looking for in all the foods I’m eating or drinks I’m drinking. I’m looking for low sugar and this delightful Low-Sugar Coffee had passed the test! Pun intended!


The were also kind enough to send along a cute blue travel cup so I can take my yummy Vanilla International Delight Light Iced Coffee


I simply drop in one of my death star shaped round ice cubes (yes I have death star shaped ice cubes since I’m a geek) as it’s the perfect size and pour in my Low-Sugar Coffee goodness.

It’s perfect since I’m always on the go with the family, with work, or even with the night school I’m doing! It’s a great and handy thing to have when you’re on a diet! Even after my hard core diet I’m still going to drink Light from now on as I have to keep the weight off after I lose it!


I can’t wait for you all to try it on January 21st! Don’t forget International Delight Light Iced Coffee will be available at Walmart! I recommend calling to see if your local store has it.

I also can’t wait since that means I can buy some more since I’m already running low! When you’re on a diet you need to have the things you love stocked up at all times!

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  • " target="_blank">Barrie

    I am so glad to hear this! This was my one complaint about International Delight’s Iced Coffee was too high in fat and calories. Fat is still a higher than I want, and I prefer all good fat BUT this is a good drink for once a week or so! I’ll save my coupon for a free container for when my Wal-Mart gets the light variety!

  •" target="_blank">Trey Burley

    OK, where did you get the Death Star ice cubes? Curious caffeinated (geek) minds want to know.

  • " target="_blank">marthalynn

    Wow! Only 100 calories?!? That is really good. You hear nutritionists talking a lot about how Americans drink too many of calories, so this is great.

  •" target="_blank">Sara @ The Football Wife

    Congrats on starting your weight loss journey! So glad that the light version will fit into your plan for a healthier you in 2013!