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I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of the “Art of Animation, Frankenweenie Exhibit” at Disney Park’s California Adventure as well as talk to Tim Burton and the amazing cast and filmmakers who brought this amazing film to the big screen. I can’t tell you how amazing this was as I am a huge Winona Ryder and Tim Burton fan. I’m even a huge fan of DON HAHN as he’s brought some of the most amazing Disney films to the big screen.

When we arrived the press room was decorated with these amazing pumpkins.

They were so incredibly detailed!

We then took a tour of the amazing Puppets and Miniature sets used to make the film Frankenweenie.We saw how the concepts for the puppets were created as well as the actual puppets themselves. You can see all the amazing pics of everything we got to see in the pics below.

These are Victor the Puppets below.

This is what they called Tim Burton’s desk below.

These are all the versions of Sparky the dog.

This is the set of the kitchen and dinning room of the Frankenstein house.


The classroom set is amazing!

Here are the clothing and different mouth’s used on the puppets.

Producer DON HAHN explained to us how the puppets and sets were made for the movie.

The sets and puppets are truly works of art!

We then go to chat with Tim Burton and the rest of the cast and film makers. Here is what they had to say!

Did we see Sparky in Corpse Bride?

Tim Burton: No, I mean that was another skeleton dog.  No, I mean my drawings unfortunately have a very limited range, so my drawings end up kind of looking like each other, no, but that — this one has skin.  The other one didn’t.

I think it’s just because I could always relate to it.  You know, it’s, it’s like you know, with Frankenstein, I think a lot of kids relate to, you know, you feel a certain way. And it was like kinda easy to relate to the monster in the sense of like, you know, he’s kind of alone, and he’s, you know, like remember growing up you could feel those feelings.  And I mean like your whole feeling about your neighbors is like they’re like the angry villagers, you know.

What was the experience working with Tim Again?

Winona Ryder:    Oh, it’s always amazing. I mean, I’m trying to think of like new adjectives to use, because it truly is just such a special experience every time and also just being around him when just he’s one of my favorite people I think in the world that I love to just to be around.

Mr. Landau, do you love your,  character, and everything he says?

Martin Landau: Rzykruski, yes I love Rzykruski.  When I read him I loved him.  If he wasn’t born in Europe I would like to be President of the United States, because he’s so honest.  And he’d be the only honest man in Washington.   So, by the same token I love this character and he’s a great teacher who’s completely misunderstood, but he sees in Victor himself as a child.  I mean he’s the most undiplomatic character, ’cause he can’t lie.  And, you know, you’re not gonna keep your job if you say, uh, to the parents of your students, you’re stupid you know.  I mean he’s not Henry Kissinger.

John August and DON HAHN too, you take great care in handling the topic of death of a beloved pet.  Talk about finding the right tonal chord.

JOHN  AUGUST :    Um, I loved the short.  And so I wanted to make sure that we kept that final relationship between a boy and his dog, and the story of like bringing this love of your life back.  Um, I had my own dog who passed away as I was writing this thing, and so I was having the same, literally the exact same words I used in the movie is what I used for my daughter, um, to talk about sort of, you know, when someone dies, you know, really go with saying stuff that’s in your heart.  And, uh, which is why I maybe can’t see the movie quite yet because, you know, it just is…you stole that from that from my life.

And Tim has joked about his rejection by Disney.  Like a jilted lover. How do you feel about that?

DON HAHN:    Uh, it’s so true.  And I suppose there’s always that confluence of art and commerce that always rubs.  And it didn’t a lot on this movie, but it did here and there.  We were, our black and white kind of aspect was accepted really early on, and so the studio was cool with that.  I just think it’s always- when you try something new, there’s eighteen animated movies coming out this year and a lot of them look the same.  And when you try something like a black and white 3D movie that’s an homage to the pet who got hit by a car, that’s new.

That’s just a little of what they had to say during our interviews and all I have to say is I LOVED this film and I loveeee this poster below for the film. It’s one of my favorite characters in the film.

I highly recommend running out to see Frankenweenie out in theaters now!

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***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely got some promo items and saw a screening of this film and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***