Into The Unknown With Frozen 2!

Walt Disney Pictures presents the sequel to the highest grossing animated feature of all time Frozen 2. The first Frozen film was released six years ago and the fan’s desire and anticipation for a sequel has never died. In that time Disney was able to reassemble the same great team which brought the first beloved film to life and provide a film which not only continues the tone and quality from Frozen, but also explores and reveals more of the history and world of the franchise.

The whole gang is back in this sequel and each of the beloved characters is given more within the film. Elsa (Broadway star Idina Menzel) gets to explore the origin and purpose of her powers as she also continues her self-exploration into who she is as a person. In terms of songs, she gets another destined to be hit solo feature in “Into the Great Unknown,” as well as is a part of big ensemble song “Some Things Never Change.” Anna (Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell) remains the supportive sister who now that she has grown up a bit is learning to juggle her responsibilities to the kingdom of Arendelle, her love and responsibility to her sister, and her budding relationship with Kristoff (Broadway star Jonathan Groff).

Speaking of Groff, that amazing voice of his finally gets its own song as Kristoff sings my favorite song from the soundtrack “Lost in the Woods.” Not only is “Lost in the Woods” sung like a late 80’s power ballad, the moment is very reminiscent of a music video of that era; I love it so much! Fan favorite Olaf (Broadway star Josh Gad) is also back and remains adorable and hilarious as always.

Joining the cast is Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) as Elsa and Anna’s mother who also gets a song: “All is Found.” Seeing the relationship with the sisters to their mother only makes the loss only heart breaking. And speaking of heartbreaking, Sterling K. Brown is also joining the cast. You know, the only actor that makes you cry in everything he does like Black PantherThis is UsThe People vs. OJ Simpson. Guess what? His character Mattias is going to make you cry here too; that’s just what he does.

While the story does a great job of building on the mythos of the world of Frozen, and the art continues to be that beautiful Scandinavian fantasy look, and the relationships between the characters are sweet and touching, the real draw is the music. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez crafted a memorable, catchy score of songs that ranged from adorable (“Do you want to build a Snowman?”) to empowering (“Let it go”).

They return with the same range of songs conveying themes that are both in line with the Frozen franchise, but also continue the growth in style and story for the films. You can listen to the soundtrack now and still enjoy it, but the music paired with the story and the wondrous visuals only make the experience greater. And that’s why we go to the movies; to experience something magical.

The film is rated PG for action scenes and dramatic scenes involving loss which are all in the subtext and thus is really appropriate for all ages.