It’s A Boy! Plus Our DIY Gender Reveal!

Hey All!

Since I’ve been sick all week it’s taken me a bit to sit up and write up this post. I wanted to share some more of our happy baby news. I made a cute bun in the oven cardboard oven to reveal our baby’s gender and we shot these fun photos during our baby announcement shoot!

Again we went over to my friend Ben’s house, who painted his garage pink (how amazing is that) and my friend Heather (who you can find on Instagram at Seizingbeauty) shot the photos for us! I had so much fun in this shoot.

I found this fun tutorial to make a toy cardboard oven over on Martha Stewart’s website. The tutorial is to make a cardboard oven toy for a kid, but I turned it into a way to reveal our baby’s gender. I added some Mrs. Jones stickers and the words bun in the oven on the front.

I made it a little homage to Smeg and I think it came out super cute! It took me like a day to make.

Ok! Who’s ready to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl?

IT’S A BOY!!!! I filled our oven box with little blue balloons and blue confetti!

Yay! We couldn’t be happier as we actually really wanted a boy!

I had been picking out boy names and have been calling it a he since we found out we were expecting. I feel like we willed him into existence! lol.

We feel so blessed for our baby boy and I think this was such a cute way to announce him!

I didn’t have time to fill the balloons with helium or I would have, but having them pour out was cute as well.

We got ourself a giant blue capped baby bottle to celebrate our baby boy.

For all you that guessed girls, sorry folks! We’re having a boy! Maybe the next one will be a girl!

I hope you enjoy our fun gender reveal as much as I do and thanks so much for all the amazing comments and support for our baby announcement!

You guys are the best! Stay tuned for more baby fun coming your way!