It’s A DIY Sprinkles Birthday Party!

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I’m back with another fabulous birthday party idea. This one can be done for both kids or adults as who doesn’t love Sprinkles? My go-to resource for Birthday Party inspiration and planning guidance is the Betty Crocker website. I’m sure you all remember my adorable Donut Birthday Party idea right? Betty Crocker products and the recipes from their sites super simple to do, hence why I love them! When we’re all on a time crunch, simple and easy is what we look for most. They have the best DIY Birthday Ideas, How-to’s and “no fail” birthday ideas. I always get the sense of “oh wow, I just pulled this off” after I do them. I know my efforts are always going to pay off with no-fail ideas from Betty.

I knew for my next party I wanted to do something colorful and with tons of sprinkles and confetti. Something that not only kids would enjoy, but adults as well. It’s my best friend Lorna’s Birthday and I wanted to celebrate with something she would love. A DIY Sprinkles Birthday Party is perfection don’t you think? I immediately took to the Betty Crocker Birthday Hub to see what fun sprinkle themed ideas they had.

Boy did they not disappoint. They had this amazing Mini Brownie Cake and some Ice Cream Cone Cakes. They also had this amazing Confetti Cake Roll.

I decided to do the Mini Brownie cake and the Ice Cream Cone cakes as I figured they would be perfect for the party and quick to make.

I started with the Ice Cream cone cakes by simply following the instructions on my Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Cake mix box. I then poured the batter into regular Ice Cream cones you find at a local grocery store. I used this cone baking tray to bake them upright which I found on Amazon.

Once they were done I got my Betty Crocker Whipped white frosting out and put the frosting into some disposable decorating bags. This allows you to make the Ice Cream swirl with the frosting.

Once they were all frosted I added my sprinkles and then they were done. Super easy and adorable.

I then moved on to my Mini Brownie Cake.

This was a little more time to make than the Ice Cream cone cupcakes. I used one box of Betty Crocker™ Original Supreme Premium brownie mix and followed the instructions of the Mini Brownie Cake recipe on the Betty Crocker site. My didn’t come out as perfect as the one on the site, but it came out pretty darn cute don’t you think?

I added a variety of sprinkles, some swirling candles and a Flamingo candle. Who doesn’t love a pink Flamingo right?

Once the Mini Brownie cake was done it was time to throw the confetti and party!

Who wouldn’t want to take a bite out of these Ice Cream Cone Cakes or this Flamingo and Sprinkled covered Mini Brownie Cake?

Sprinkles make everything more festive and adorable don’t you think? This is one super easy and fabulous party idea!

I couldn’t have thought it up with out the inspiration and fabulous recipes I found on

I highly recommend you #GetYourBettyOn if you’re planning a party any time soon! You’ll definitely find some “no fail” birthday party or general party ideas on their site.

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