It’s A Makeup ShakeUp With My Bold Metals Brushes!

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Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I love a fabulous make up brush. I always get excited when I find a new one. It can be a pricey habit to have when you comb through a MAC, Sephora, and ULTA store trying to find the perfect brush. These are usually my go-to stores when searching for unique and high-end makeup brushes. They usually cost a pretty penny for each brush as well. Thankfully, another retailer stepping up their game in the beauty department by stocking its shelves with a bold new line of brushes you wouldn’t normally find there. That retailer is none other than Walmart! Yes you heard me right, Walmart! It’s a Makeup Shake Up With a Bold New Line of Makeup Brushes at Walmart called the Bold Metals Collection. You no longer have to spend a ton or sacrifice when it comes to your beauty tools anymore! These brushes are fabulous!

Now, you can expect the same level of luxury, quality and value as the other stores, minus the high costs, and without having to make a special trip. Who knew? They are made by real Techniques and they really nailed the design of these brushes!

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes-Main

All of the brushes from the Bold Metals Collection share the following 3 benefits:

  1. Softer than ever bristles for our most luxe feel to date.
  2. Weighted handles for optimal control and comfort.
  3. Refined artistry cuts for high performance and ultimate application.  

They come in the following styles:

  • 100 Arched Powder: Designed with a domed cut to sweep perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders.
  • 101 Triangle Foundation: Made for dual duty: flat edge covers large areas of face, while the angled edges contour around eyes and nose
  • 200 Oval Shadow: Made with a full, round shape for all-over lid application and seamless blending.
  • 201 Pointed Crease: Densely packed, tapered bristles are perfect for creating that smoky effect with eye shadow.
  • 202 Angled Liner: A firm, slanted head fits close to the lash line for smooth, even eye liner application.
  • 300 Tapered Blush: Specially-designed tip highlights and sculpts across cheeks for seamless finish.
  • 301 Flat Contour: Dense head creates shadows and highlights to play up favorite features.

I’ve been obsessed with these brushes since I took them out of their boxes. These are not brushes I would expect to find at Walmart! No sir. They are so classy and well made! They could easily be considered professional make up artist brushes. And lets not even get into that some of the brushes are GOLD!

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes-3

I’m sure you all know how much I love my GOLD colors. The fact that they come in these fabulous metal colors, makes me love them even more.

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes-2

What I love the most about the sleek design of these brushes is, they feel so amazing in my hand as I use them. They have the most comfortable design and the bristles feel amazing! They are so soft and unlike any of my other brushes. These are much more fabulous than my other make up brushes.

I love them so much I keep them on display so I can look at them in all their glory. I had this gold dot covers vase that holds them perfectly!

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes-1

How cute do they look inside that vase?! It matches the brushes perfectly! Love it!

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes

I keep my new fabulous brushes displayed on my beauty and jewelry vanity. It’s covered in lots of white and gold as you can see. The brushes fit right in with my style.

Bold- Metals_Makeup-Brushes-Storage

How adorable do they look next to my candle fox? Too cute!

If you’re on the market or obsessed with finding new fabulous make up brushes, I highly recommend you run out to Walmart and pick up some of the Bold Metals Collection. You can use this store locator below to find them near you!


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Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the Bold Metals Collection as much as I do!

Go to for additional information and tutorial videos on each Bold Metals brush.


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