It’s A Pink Pineapple Christmas Tree!


Hey All!

When you’re given a Powder Pink Christmas Tree to feature for the holidays there are two things that come to mind, TASTY SWEET TREATS and PINK PINEAPPLES. Well that’s how mind mind works folks. I knew the second I got this tree I wanted to do something special with it. I was going to stick with the tasty treats theme I had on my other white tree, but this is Pink and wanted to do something unique. The first thing to pop into my head was I’m going to turn it into a Pink Pineapple wearing sunglasses. I needed to have a Pineapple Christmas tree in my life stat! It’s the ultimate Los Angelino tree that’s for sure.

I got myself some black and green card stock and cut out some leaves for the pineapple leaves and some sunglasses as I felt it needed sunglasses. I stuck all the leaves together with glue dots and some duck tape. I then cut a piece off a large poster tube. Sliced it down the middle so it acts as like a clip for the leaves onto the tree and stuck it unto my green leaves. I then placed the green leaves at the top and just placed the sunglasses on the tree (The branches hold it up easily). Done! The Pink Pineapple tree is here and I’m loving it! There is a mini tree beside him as the kidlets need their tree as well.


I also decorated it with Pineapple lights and ornaments as well of course.


And lets not forget to wrap the gifts under the tree with some pineapple wrapping paper as well.

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this paper. I can wrap myself in it I love it so much!


It took me about 20-30 minutes to do the whole things which is like no time at all.


The Pink Pineapple tree just says “Hey Girl, Have A Happy Holidays!” and I will now that my Pink Pineapple tree is here.  And lets not forget to mention how amazing this Powder Pink Tree is with it’s pink Christmas lights already built into it. It’s very full and looks amazing for an artificial tree. It’s very well made and will definitely last us for lots of pink holidays in the years to come.

It’s pretty amazing. If you’d like to make your own last minute Pink Pineapple Tree before the holidays end you can get your 6ft Pink Tree at (If you order by the 18th you’ll get it by Christmas Eve), the green and black card stock at any craft store like Michael’s, the pineapple Christmas ornaments I got from Urban Outfitters, and the pineapple Christmas lights from Amazon.

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Happy Holidays from me and the Pine Pineapple Tree!