It’s My Birthday & Holiday Fun Finds!


Hey All!

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m going to have me a super fun jam packed weekend! Maybe I’ll see you as I’m out and about throwing Birthday Confetti around Los Angeles! I’m going to do some shopping at the Ban.Do Party House and then do some more shopping at Unique Space Market tomorrow! I’m a shopaholic and I’m not ashamed to admit it. ESPECIALLY when it’s my birthday and my hubby is buying it for me. I’m also going to check out #Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday. I wanted to go see the legendary John Waters do his Christmas Special, but sadly the tickets were all sold out by the time my hubby went to get tickets. Hopefully I’ll get a rainbow cake in there somehow too! Be sure to follow my birthday adventures through out the weekend on my Instagram stories and snapchat! I also wanted to share a few things I treated myself to for my birthday when I did some black Friday shopping! You can also check a lot of what I bought on our shop page! Have a happy weekend everyone and here is my shopping spree and fab finds from around the net!

I got this Furby Santa Hat Sweater!

These You Go Glen CoCo socks! LOVE THEM!

Got a matching You Go Glen CoCo Sweater!

This Stranger Things Squad Pin! Because I desperately want to be in Eleven’s squad!

This Funfetti Scarf!

This Ho Ho Ho Glitter Clutch!

These Tinsel Pom Pom Mules because they are on sale and I LOVE THEM!

The Christmas Pudding Earrings because, Hello… I love Puddings!

This Home Alone Pajama set because Kevin was my first crush! No kidding I used to hang with Mac when I was a kid. He lived near my grandma.

This Nothing Better than Sweater Weather Pin!

And my friend Erik’s Care Bear Don’t Care Patch! Had to have it!

Did you see our Newlywed Holiday Gift Guide?

And our Ginger Snap Meringue Cookies? They are amazing!

And Our out of this world Boozy Mint Egg Nog Shake? You need one now!

I’m beyond obsessed with these ornament balloons and just had to share!

And check out our YouTube channel for lots of fun Holiday video diy’s posting every week!