I’ve Got A Deliciously Delightful Frozen Treats Personality!

Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper, but all opinions are my own.


Hey All!

You all know I’m the ice cream queen! I celebrate ice cream month and all year long. I love ice cream (I will also include Popsicle® too) more than I love anything. Well, not more than I love all of you fabulous readers and my family of course! I’ve been to the Ice Cream Museum, I dressed head to toe in ice cream themed clothing for National Ice Cream day and even made an ice cream themed sun hat to walk around in all summer. I’m keeping the ice cream party train going all year long, which is why I was happy to take a fun quiz that showcases what your favorite frozen treats say about you. You simply visit this LINK and take the quiz. You answer a few questions and tells you just what kind of frozen tasty treat personality I am.

My results said I’m apparently “Deliciously Delightful”. It’s pretty spot on being that I am Brite & Bubbly all the time.


It said: “You’re smart, good looking, and generally loved by all. Your energy is infectious and it’s something most people can only dream about. Just like Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar and Popsicle® Tropical Paradise, you’re deliciously sweet.”

Smart, Good looking and loved! Well than you quiz! That’s so sweet of you to say. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but that’s pretty accurate and I do have a lot of energy and love to make people happy. I am a sweet gal, just like it says. I also love to eat a fun Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar and Tropical Paradise Popsicle®!


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to have a frozen treat like a Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar after dinner. They are the perfect frozen dessert to have after a fun meal.


I can probably eat the whole box by myself, but I always share with the hubby. We love to have what we call “snuggle time”. After a busy day and dinner, we sit on the couch, turn on the tv and have a Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar. It’s so relaxing and it’s the perfect way to spend some time together while enjoying a tasty treat.


I love how it almost tastes like strawberry shortcake on a stick!


We savor each bite we take and we tend to eat our Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar slowly. We do this so we can make our snuggle time last longer.


I personally never want snuggle time or my enjoying of Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar to ever end!


Luckily 6 come in a box, so we can get at least 3 days of yummy Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar snuggle time out of one box. The box tends to be empty very quickly!


My husband took the test too and he got “Scrumptiously Sweet”. It says he’s a charmer, which he so is and it also showcased that he would love some Popsicle® Mystery Middles Pops. All of that is spot on, so sometimes we alternate what frozen treat we have during snuggle time or we each have a different treat. He’ll have a Popsicle® Mystery Middles Pop and I’ll have a Good Humor® Strawberry Shortcake Bar. We also love having some Popsicle® Jolly Rancher™ pops.


I do love rainbow anything, so I’ll on occasion have a Popsicle® too. Who can resist a Popsicle® with three different colors inside?! I know I can’t!


It’s the perfect way to end the day!


You should definitely visit the LINK and take the Quiz to see what your frozen treats say about you and get your frozen treat recommendation. You can find all the treat recommendations at Walmart, which is where we got our awesome frozen treats.


After you take the quiz you can also enter to for a chance to win a Family Summer On-the-Go Pack! It includes a YETI® Cooler to keep your Frozen Novelty Treats cool, a GoPro® HERO Session™ to capture all the footage, and a bluetooth speaker to keep the whole family happy!

Want to have your own snuggle time? You can also score a free movie rental with Redbox when you upload a valid Walmart receipt when you purchase $10 worth of qualifying Good Humor and Popsicle products at participating Walmart locations from now until 9/21/16. For full details visit this LINK.

How do you like to enjoy your frozen treats and what is your favorite frozen treat?