I’ve Got A Mimobot Obsession…How About You? #Mimobotrocks

Hey all!

So you all know I love my Mimobots? They are the most adorable designer USB flash drives on the market! Mimobot is the best place to get designer flash drives! They make many different licensed flash drives such as: Sanrio Hello Kitty, (My Favorite) Star Wars, Halo, and a variety of other characters. All of their designs are so adorable! We have at least 10 already. They are well designed and the flash drives are something that you can show off to your friends. I know I do every chance I get! As you can see I went a little Mimobot crazy this year at Comic Con and expanded are collection greatly. Check out the picture below.

We love them all so much! You don’t even know! Mimobot was kind enough to send me two more Mimobots to add to my collection and feed my obsession!

These amazing USB’s are one of the best and most unique memory drives on the market. They come with the following specs:

  • Preloaded digital Mimory
  • 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB capacities
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0
  • Mac/PC compatible
  • 2.5″ tall by 1″ wide
  • One-year limited warranty

And you can also get these Spacesuit ProtoHoodie Carriers for your Mimobots as well so you can hang them off your key chain if you want!

Besides being amazing flash drives, my second favorite thing about Mimobots are that they come with a sound program that matches the Mimobot flash drive character you have and you download a program that comes with the Mimobot very easily onto your computer, so when you plug it into your computer or eject them it makes a sound as if the Mimobot is talking.

Like for example, when I plug in my Darth Vader, the sound of Darth Vader breathing or of the emperor saying “Rise Lord Vader” will play on my computer. Each flash drive Mimoco makes comes with a sound unique to the character. You can listen to a few examples here: MimoByte sound clips.

I have the privilege of going to San Diego Comic Con every year and meeting some of the nice folks at the Mimobot Booth. That booth was a Mimobot Paradise! I absolutely loved it! I know very geeky lady here. Mimobot was also kind enough to send me an extra C3P0 Mimobot to giveaway which I did a live giveaway of it at the BlogHer 12 conference. Mimi of Wovenbywords.com was our winner and she was more than thrilled with her Mimobot!

These Star Wars Mimobot flash drives are great for Star Wars fans of all ages. Well all ages 13 and up. They are not toys and are not intended for small children.

For more info on Mimobot visit mimoco.com and while you’re on the Mimobot site check out the amazing little movies and downloads that they have made with the Mimobots on there website. They are really amazing!

Thank you Mimobot for feeding my addiction and for letting me share my love of Mimobots with my amazing readers!


**Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way and was solely given three of these products for review and giveaway by Mimoco. All other products were bought on my own and the opinions are my own.**