Join Crowdtap Now! Free Pinkberry!

Hey all!

Now is the time to join Crowdtap! To help kick off summer fans of Pinkberry can get a spot in their Groupie Panel. By joining this exclusive online community you’re entering the inner circle of all things Pinkberry, and will have the chance to share your thoughts on flavors, toppings, store design, music & more. You’ll also get to test new products and even get rewarded for it…you might even get a few opportunities to host a Pinkberry party with your friends!


You can now apply for this PINKBERRY PARTY:

Here are the details!

Show your love for Pinkberry and fashion by hosting an in-store event with 3 friends and creating the ultimate summer accessory! The lucky Pinkberry Groupie Panelists selected for this action will be able to have a great time with their friends, share their Pinkberry designs across their social media networks, and even have the chance to win a free gift card for a shopping spree courtesy of Pinkberry!

Here’s how it works:

Stage 1: In-Store Event Planning:
· Choose a specific date and time to visit your local Pinkberry store for your event

· Invite 3 friends to your in-store event

· Find your inspiration for a Pinkberry design, and have your friends do the same

· Bring your booklet and gift card with you for complete party directions and tips

Stage 2: Day of Event
· Throw your in-store party between June 27th and July 11th

· Take photos and videos to share with friends and submit in your Crowdtap report

· Post live updates about your event and your Pinkberry creation over Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare

Stage 3: Post-Event Share
· Complete your recap report on Crowdtap and submit your styled creation for a chance to win a gift card for a shopping spree

· Continue to share photos and videos of the party on Facebook and Twitter

· Tell your friends about all the fun you had while sampling and styling Pinkberry’s amazing flavors and toppings


So join CROWDTAP NOW! CLICK HERE or the botton above that says Join me To join. You get free products from Pinkberry, Old Navy, and more. And you also make money too!

Disclosure: I am only sharing this for the benefit of my readers. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own!