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Did you know that according to the USDA, one in six people in America struggle with hunger at some point during the year? That means that millions of individuals may not know where their next meal will come from at times throughout the year. It’s sad to think some of those people are even children. In this day in age when so much food is wasted and there is an excess of everything in our daily lives, it’s really sad to think that there are still people going hungry in this world. It makes no sense to me.

Furthermore, many food banks are facing the time of year known as the “spring hunger gap” when food supply is often at its lowest level. Feeding America data suggests that many food banks experience a decline in food donations during the first quarter of the year, leaving food inventory at a low point at the start of each spring. It’s incredibly shocking that food banks will run out of food don’t you think?!

Thankfully Walmart wants to help with their Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Campaign! They want to help bring the public together to rally in the fight against hunger.  With over 140 million customers who shop at Walmart each week, they have the ability to reach a lot of people to help join in the fight against hunger and mobilize them to spark change in their local communities.


All funds from this amazing campaign will go toward supporting Feeding America and its 200 local member food banks. Through the campaign, Walmart aims to donate up to $3 million to Feeding America and its local member food banks based on public participation in the #WeSparkChange social media challenge. In addition, Walmart’s suppliers — Campbell’s, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Kellogg Company, Kraft, and Unilever — aim to donate enough to help Feeding America secure 75 million meals for its member food banks.

You can help join this amazing cause by visiting a U.S. Walmart stores from April 6th to May 3, 2015 and participating.


There are three easy ways you can participate:

1. Products:

When you visit Walmart and purchase one of 240 participating products in Walmart stores nationwide, a donation will be generated by the product supplier. For every participating item purchased, a meal will be secured for the local Feeding America food bank.

2. Donations:

When you’re checking out at Walmart you can donate on behalf of a local Feeding America food bank at the cash register during checkout.

3. Photo Sharing:

This is the simplest way you can join the fight against hunger and help! Anyone can take a picture of six friends who share their commitment to fight hunger and post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as a public post with the hashtag #WeSparkChange. The six people in the photo represent the one in six people who face food insecurity in the U.S.

For every public post connected to the hashtag #WeSparkChange, Walmart will donate $10, up to a maximum donation of $1.5 million, to Feeding America and its member food banks. The amount raised from the social media photo challenge is on top of Walmart’s initial $1.5 million donation, resulting in a potential total donation of $3 million to Feeding America and its member food banks.

You can help Walmart reach its goal by posting multiple pictures, tagging friends and giving friends a 48-hour challenge to do the same. It’s so easy to do and it will help so many! We share things via social media on Twitter and Instagram every day, why not share to make a difference and fight hunger!

The Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign is just one step towards Walmart’s larger commitment to provide meals to those in need, helping ensure every family has access to affordable, nutritious and sustainably grown food.

Please join me and Walmart stores to help fight hunger. Visit a Walmart store asap or snap & share some pics using the #WeSparkChange hashtag! You can really help make a difference in someone in needs life!

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