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Hey All!

It’s that time of year that we needed to get our annual Eye Exams done. We decided to book my fiance an appointment first as he recently broke his glasses around the nose grip. We headed off to the Encino Optemetric Center last Friday for his eye exam and to get him some new Transitions® Lens glasses.


He had a very extensive Eye exam. This was the longest and most thorough exam I’ve ever seen done!

They started out by taking his blood pressure to make sure he did not have hypertension which can affect your vision.


He then continued to test his vision in both eyes.


They dilated his eyes and took pictures to see the optic nerves and inside of his eyes. I had to cheer him up around this part as the drops to dilate your eyes can make your eyes feel funny some times. But it’s such an important part of the exam.


If they hadn’t done this, we would have never known that he has a freckle on one of his eyes.


The doctor stated it needed to be monitored just like a freckle on your skin. Having lenses Transitions lenses are something the doctor absolutely recommended. I’m sure most of you already know what harmful UV rays can do to your skin and you imagine what they can do to your eyes! It’s very important to protect your eyes from UV rays especially when you have something like a freckle in your eye!

I was very happy the Eye doctor was so thorough and discovered the freckle so we can now monitor it. After the Eye exam was over we headed down “Eye Care Way” to pick out some great new frames for his fabulous Transitions® lenses.


They had quite the selection of frames to choose from…


They also had the Transitions® Lenses on display so you can see how dark they get with the UV Light on them. They do get very dark! They look like sun glasses when your in the sun.


We found a pair that we liked (yes “we”), as I have to like the way they look on him too!


We settled on these frames and sent them off to be fitted with the Transitions® Lenses.


A few days later and they arrived at the eye doctor and we picked them up!


He’s now very happy with his new glasses with Transitions® Lenses. He’s super excited to have them in time for the Summer. We live in Sunny California, so we worry about UV Rays all year round, but in the Summer we worry even more. He’s not too worried about his freckle on his eye, because he knows that his Transitions® Lenses will help him to keep those pesky UV Rays away from his freckle.


Transitions lenses block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes, so you can see better tomorrow as well.

Transitions lenses are the #1 recommended adaptive lenses worldwide! They are the ideal everyday choice for healthy sight.  They are clear indoors and at night, and outdoors, continuously adapt with every variation of light so you can consistently see your best.

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Transitions Optical. I was provided with a complimentary eye exam and pair of eyeglasses to test for the purpose of this campaign. However, all opinions expressed are my own.